Homeschool Learning Curve


All the moms I talked to told me it’s the best choice they ever made, but that it’s not all sunshine and butterflies like people make it seem on social media.

I am learning that 😂

It’s going to be a learning curve for both me and Colton. Yes, I could’ve done a bunch of online homeschooling curriculum, making my life much easier, but I felt a gut pull towards a local co-op.

I feel like this co-op is definitely going to keep him progressing as quick as, or more likely beyond, what he would be doing in public school.

What we thought would take us a shorter amount of time is seeming to take a lot longer as we figure out the expectations and style of learning. We started at 8:30 this morning, and after leaving the house at 2 o’clock to go to piano, we still have at least 2 more subjects to get through.

As we get more on a schedule and he gets used to what he is supposed to do, I am sure this process will be more sped up. But it is a lot more work than I planned in the beginning, so things like having a clean house have been put on the back burner. In the midst of our 5 hours of homeschool so far, I have at least snuck in a work out, entertained a five-year-old, and had a team virtual meeting.

Things Colton will get to learn through homeschool:

✔️How to focus with a loud five-year-old brother

✔️That he will probably be quicker at learning Latin than his mom

✔️That when you make mistakes, if you don’t get angry, frustrated, and totally unfocused…the work will take half the time, and mistakes aren’t bad, but how we learn

I’m sure there will be much more to learn, and though it hasn’t been an easy start and has taken a lot more time than expected, I am 100% it was the right choice, I am grateful that everything fell into place with my business, allowing me to stay home and do this when needed, and I’m actually a little excited about all the things I will be learning right along side him.

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