Most people come to me for help with health and fitness because they see my physical results or my customers’ physical results. They want to look better, lose weight, tone their abs. So yes, I post pictures of my physical results because that is usually the reason people start a fitness journey.

So many people think they will be happier once they lose weight, they’ll feel better about themselves once they look better in a bathing suit. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

Happiness is not based on the number on the scale. Happiness does not come because of the way you look. A nice abs and booty aren’t going to change your self love.

Can I help you get those abs? Absolutely. Can I help you get to a weight or fitness level so you are less likely to suffer from the so many medical conditions associated with our weight and nutrition? I can and I will. But you better believe I am going to push exercising your mind at the same time. I’m going to push self development. I’m going to push teaching you how to love yourself NOW, not when you are at your goal.

I don’t think you can get to your goal and be super healthy and fit if you don’t work on your mindset first and throughout the journey. Can you really be healthy if you aren’t strong and healthy on the inside? The belief and happiness has to happen first.

So if you need to lose 100 pounds to live longer and be able to be more active with your kids, I will get you there. If you want to feel confident in a bathing suit and work on 6 pack abs, I will get you there. Just be ready to enjoy the journey more than the end result. Because that is where we will be working on your happiness, that is where the growth and realization of how strong you are will come from, that is where the self confidence will grow.

It’s not the end result where I see the happiness form. It’s the mindset training, the shift internally, the actual JOURNEY to getting there that changes people.

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