You Will Have Doubt

It doesn’t matter what goal you are going for or new path you are on.  It is very likely, in fact probably a guarantee, that you will experience doubt.  And not just once.  But on a regular basis.  You will doubt your abilities to succeed.  You will doubt your actions.  You will second guess yourself.  You will get those feelings that are hard to explain, a blah type feeling, wondering if it is all pointless.  It may be your job, your business venture, a project you are working on, your health/fitness goals, your marriage, your parenting. Each journey comes with doubt, and I think the bigger the goals, the more doubt and negative self talk you are going to have to overcome.

I’ve been in the health/fitness business for over 3 years now.  I feel I’ve been way more successful than I ever planned. I absolutely love it everyday, I’m grateful for it constantly, feeling blessed for my team and all the people that trust me to support them on their journey.  But let me tell you, the doubt still comes. It might be every week, or every 2 weeks, but it always shows it’s face again and again.


“Am I just another annoying person posting sweaty selfies?  Can I really support the people that reach out to me and be everything they need me to be?  Am I really good enough to keep going at this pace and become financially free?  Can I really be a leader to a team that’s looking up to me when I’ve never really been a leader in my life before?  Can I remain true to myself?  Are we all just meant to work 8-5 and do the same things over and over everyday, or are we meant to take risks and live a little more each day?  Are there still more people out there that need me, or is all I’ve worked for just going to slowly fade away?  Are my crazy dreams and goals just that…too crazy?  Am I good enough?  Do I have what it takes?”

I don’t care what you are going for in life, you know you have those days of doubts.  We get 2 choices when the doubt hits us.  Let it play over and over in our head until we believe it, believe society, believe we aren’t good enough, believe we aren’t meant for more…


We squash it.  You hear that doubt and you say, NO. Shut up small voice in my head.  You aren’t welcome.  You can try and try to talk me into living life within my doubt, but I won’t listen.

And then you do what you need to do to move forward.  You speak affirmations to yourself.

“People have thanked you for changing their lives.  It is worth it for every life you change.  There are 160 million overweight people in our country alone.  People need your help.  You are capable.  All you need to do is love.  You can lead.  All you need is to be an example.  Look at your team.  It doesn’t matter if it never goes farther than it has, because they make it all worth every single second… they are people who have changed your life forever.  They are people God gave you.  There are still so many people living their lives unhealthy.  There are so many people living their lives in depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, lost.  There are so many people just surviving, not knowing their purpose in this world.  People need to hear your voice. They need to hear your team’s voice.  Even if it is just one more person that is waiting to hear it.  Even if it is just one more life you will change.

It will keep growing, it will be more amazing than you ever expected because God put you here for a reason.  You don’t have to have the capabilities, you don’t have to be the best leader, you don’t have to think you can handle it all…. because God is your partner and his abilities and resources are endless.”

Then you pray, you read some personal development, you reach out to those that believe in you and push you to be your best, and the next day, or hour, or sometimes even minute….that doubt has shrunk down.  Then you keep going towards those beautiful visions, goals, and dreams.  You smile knowing doubt WILL be back, and you’ll have to do it all over again.  And you make the commitment to keep doing it over, to keep telling doubt NO.  Because the people that live their life to the fullest, that make the most difference, that hit those crazy goals that don’t seem possible….they had doubt too, but they made the choice not to let it stop them.

Everyone will have doubt.  It’s up to you what you do with it.

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