Regret No More

I used to take AGES to make decisions, even at a restaurant (ask my parents. I think it was torcher having to wait for me to decide what to order). I was terrified of REGRET.

You know what I’ve learned? Most people regret what they DIDN’T do, not what they did. I was wasting so much time worrying about making the right decision.

When I started allowing myself to leap before I got stuck in that “wishy-washy, should I do this or not” mode, I started enjoying so much more and experiencing sooo much more.

Today, my hairdresser is on maternity leave and I was MONTHS overdo for a haircut. I’ve had the same haircut for about 18 years (and besides 1 year in college, probably the 10 years before that too). I ended up booking with a complete stranger, at a hair salon I have never even been to. As she started following my normal “trim 3-4 inches off with long layers” that I do every 7 months she said,

“If you EVER want to get your hair cut short, I would love to do it. I know what would look great on you.”

We chatted for a minute, then I said, “If you want to, let’s do it. It’s just hair. It grows fast.”

So she did. She kept it long enough for a ponytail for my upcoming marathon.

I love it. It feels light and like a fresh start for 2020.

Not sure if there is anyone else that was like me, always putting off taking action in fear of regret, but I’m here to encourage you to just jump.

Just order a new dish at the restaurant. Say yes to a possible dream or adventure. Do the thing. Step into the unknown. Those are the moments you really experience life and learn to make the most of every moment.

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