Intentional: done on purpose, deliberate.

Opposite of intentional: Accidental.

How much of our life is us setting intentions, and not only setting intentions, but BEING intentional, instead of just letting things happen accidentally.  

Want a relationship with God?  It takes intention. Want to lose weight and be healthy? It takes intention.  Want to be happy and grateful? Intention.

It’s one thing to have wants, wishes, and goals.  I might want to lose weight. I might want to be healthy.  I might want a closer relationship with God. I might want to be happier and more satisfied with life.  However, I can’t just wait for those things to accidentally happen. Most of the time they won’t. I have to be intentional.

When I find my life is overwhelming and I’m completely stressed, wondering why there aren’t more hours in the day, feeling like I’m 10 steps behind…. I usually realize I’ve steered away from being intentional.  Typically I’ve lost intention in my relationship with God and my self care.

I can’t keep pouring into my jobs, others, my home… if I’m not intentionally filling my own cup.  Soon I will feel like I’m running on empty.

Being intentional with building a relationship with God, spending time listening for His voice and guidance, and intentionally caring for myself is how I keep my sanity in the chaos of my life.   

Being intentional doesn’t mean I’m waiting for motivation, waiting for more time, waiting for things to “just work out.”  It means working out when I don’t have the motivation, because I know at the end of the year, I’m not going to care how many Netflix series I watched, but I am going to care how my body feels.   It means getting up 30 minutes earlier to spend time with God, because I know when He’s directing my life and I’m feeling connected, I naturally have more energy and life seems to fall into place.  

I can’t wait for these things to happen.  I can’t wait to “feel like” eating healthy, I can’t wait until I “feel like” not pushing snooze, I can’t with until I “feel like” commiting to another exercise program.  That’s letting things happen accidentally and letting life control me instead of being intentional. Intention is a purposeful decision and action aimed at something you want in life.  Its not something that just happens by itself.

What do you want to be more intentional with today?

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