Our Days Are Numbered

“We too often want our lives to be characterized by something that our individual days don’t come close to resembling.” ~Matt Heard

How often do I find I’m hustling for my future life?  Often.

I’ve got big goals, crazy dreams, and I’m a put your head down and work hard, be productive every second, type of gal.  My mind and time is pulled in a million directions at any given moment.  What am I working for?  A future purpose.  A future life.  A vision.  The ability to fulfill God’s mission for me.  The freedom to travel the world with my family and fully experience the vastness of this world.  A life without financial stress, a moment of “I’ve met my goals, I can relax after success.”

Goals are great and I always encourage dreamers…. and I LOVE working with the go getters out there.  However, there is something I need to always remind myself of and pull back into my attention on a regular basis.

“So we never live, but we hope to live; and, as we are always preparing to be happy, it is inevitable we should never be so.” ~Pascal

Sometimes I’m working so hard on creating the life that I forget to live and enjoy the actual life right now.  Every day we are surrounded by soooo many joys and blessings, and if our heads are down too long working for the life we dream of, we miss them.  Our future happiness and the way we want to live our life starts with the way we are living life today.  It’s the journey that makes our life meaningful, not the end result.

When I am intentional about living life now, WHILE I’m working on my dreams and goals, I find happiness NOW.  Our days are numbered.  If we don’t make the most of the journey and our current situation, we are missing out on the majority of our life.  How much of our life will have passed us by once we finally hit that “picture” in our heads?

So how do I do this? (And by the way, I need to constantly remind myself to be intentional with this).  Pull over and take a picture of the sunrise.  Take a second to close my eyes and enjoy the aroma of my coffee.  Set my alarm and force 10 minutes of quiet time (which are the times I can usually hear God the most).  Take a few slow, deep breaths outside.  Put down my work when the kids ask me to.  Make more eye contact.  Say yes to the cuddles when in reality I know how much more work I need to get done before I get to relax.  List things every day that I’m grateful for.  Say yes to travel even if it’s hard.  Fully enjoy life NOW and embrace the beauty of the chaos, stresses and all.  Basically learn to appreciate the things going on now, around me at any given moment.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~John Lennon

I don’t want to miss life.

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