Ask Him

I heard something multiple times this week in my business.  I heard many coaches telling how their fitness and coaching journey started with a prayer.  Wow.  Every time I heard another story, I got excited, because I always felt silly saying my business was an answer to a prayer I muttered while crying in a bathtub.  Yet, I heard coaches say over and over that this business was an answer to a specific prayer: that before this community came into their lives, they literally said a prayer for some type of answer to something… a prayer of depression, a prayer of financial struggle, a prayer of something missing in their life, a prayer of lack of passion for life, a prayer of being tired of being tired, a prayer for health, a prayer for a change in life that needed to happen.

I’m not saying a health and fitness business is the answer to everyone’s prayers, bahaha.  God has different purposes and plans for different people.  What I am saying is that if you are struggling, pray and listen.  Give it to God.  And don’t be surprised if the answer is something you didn’t expect.  Because I guarantee all these coaches never expected they would get into home workouts.  I know none of us ever expected to do what we are doing or that we would even be good at it.  But God has a plan and purpose, and if we don’t take the time to ask and LISTEN, it is easy to miss.  It’s easy to keep going through our mundane day to day tasks… getting up, surviving each day, then going to bed to do it all over again… and never feeling like we know our true purpose.  And I don’t think we can feel completely fulfilled and confident we are on the right path if we aren’t letting our creator lead us through it.

These coaches I’m speaking of, along with myself, prayed…and saw a sign online or through a friend that lead us to a business that not only changed our lives, but allowed our journey, struggles and all, to help change other’s lives.  This business found us.  It was a sign we needed and had the faith to grab onto even though we were scared.

I really believe if anyone is struggling with their purpose, God is waiting to show you, to speak to you, to give you that sign.  Open up the lines of communication.  Open your eyes.  Spend time praying, along with time simply listening.  Be open to the signs and whispers He is probably already sending your way.

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