Monitoring Kid’s Online Activity

Preteens. I’ve got two of them. Well, actually, one is almost a teenager!  These days we have the added addition of online activity (and not that slow, dial up, AOL stuff we were introduced to as teens).  Now there are cell phones, Instagram, Snapchat, texting, and don’t even get me started on Playstation and the ability to communicate with complete strangers across the world through your headset.  That is scary stuff for parents!

I limit what my kids have access to, but was still struggling with a way to monitor their activity and safety online.  While at our homeschool coop, one of the other moms mentioned the program Bark.  I am loving this program! What it does is monitor their phones and sends notifications to me when “sketchy” activity pops up.  It looks for key words and activity that are linked to sexual activity, cyberbullying, and online predators.  It will even give me the link to the youtube videos watched/subscribed to, connect to emails, Instagram, and all those online platforms.img_1374

In fact, the other day when my son downloaded Snapchat, which is an app I’m not ready for them to use, I got a notification.  It’s amazing!

There is a small fee monthly, but if it allows a little less worrying for me and saves me the time and headache of constantly going through my kid’s phones, I’ll take it!  Here’s a link to check it out!


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