Why You Might Need An Apple Watch

New technology.   More technology.  I’m not one who jumps on the latest phone and product typically.  In fact, when my old IPhone started to dwindle drastically in function and battery life, I waltzed into the Verizon store determined to get the cheapest upgrade available (maybe an Iphone 7), only to be told the 7’s AND 8’s were out of stock, and only the latest Iphone X was available in store.  Of course.  That’s convenient.

I didn’t have the patience to wait for them to get a shipment in, so I just went and upgraded all the way to that X phone I had heard everyone talking about.  Yea, it was cool, but the 7 could have probably done everything I needed.

Lately I’ve been glancing around at everyone wearing these smart watches.  At first I was like, “meh…not sure I would even like that.”  However, after watching people work with one, I realized something.  They don’t have to check their actual phone as often.  They don’t have their phone in their face as often.

I could really use one of those.

For us business owners, business never stops.  Sure, we can set “business hours”, and go put our electronics away, but if you are anything like me fueled with never ending passion and excitement for the business you are growing and the people you are helping… that put away the phone for a while thing is super hard.  Yes, this is a goal of mine to work on.  I want to let messages go, knowing I can answer them at a later time.  I know I don’t need to answer somebody’s question within 2 minutes of them asking.  I need to find balance.

In comes the Apple Watch.

Actually, I wasn’t willing to spend the money on myself for one, but my husband surprised me with one last week.  I love it, because now if I go outside to play with my kids or am walking around at the library, I can really put my phone away and not look at it for a couple hours.  Yes, I should be able to do this anyway, but remember, I have trouble controlling my passion and go getter, wanna be productive at every given second, type of personality.  So for me, knowing that I can quickly glance down at my watch when it vibrates (as quick as if I’m checking the time) to assure myself it isn’t an urgent message and I can keep on playing puppets at the library is good for me.  Now my kids can see me put away my phone and not carry it everywhere.  Even more, if I’m coaching gymnastics and can’t have my phone out in the gym with me, I now don’t have to worry the entire 2 hours that my oldest is trying to get ahold of me.  It’s kind of brilliant.

It’s like freedom from our phones for us crazy business owners that haven’t quite learned the art of giving ourselves freedom.

I know, maybe someday I’ll take a social media detox and learn the art of real business hours, but for now I’m going to continue to build the life I want for my family, work my butt off to follow the purpose God has put on my heart, and no longer have my nose glued to my phone…because now I can just glance down at the “time” to satisfy my “is there something urgent that needs my attention this second” mind.

Oh yes, and before all you hustling for your business start feeling guilty about too much time on your phone/computer, picture what you are really doing (I have to remind myself this when I’m sitting at my computer in my dining room while my kids are playing or hopping on a meeting right after I tuck them into bed).  Yes, I’m working in front of my kids more, but I’m also not working away from them now.  I’m grabbing my sick daughter water and chicken noodle soup in the middle of my business hours, and watching her rest on the couch beside me as I work.  I’m letting my kids give me a kiss good night in front of all my “coworkers” during our virtual meetings.  I’m letting them watch and be a part of building a legacy based on being healthy and helping people.

So I’m over the guilt.  And the Apple Watch helps.

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