Just Go

I challenged my followers on stories today to do something that has changed my life.  Try 10 minutes of quiet time every day. Pray. Meditate. Journal. Just listen. It’s not easy, trust me, I have 4 kids.  However, when I started actually LISTENING to God, instead of me just talking to Him, my connection grew so much deeper and my ability to hear His voice seems almost unbelievable so many times.  I’ve heard His voice while driving or iin my head while quietly listening, I’ve seen crazy, miraculous signs when I needed them the most, I’ve had Him answer my questions through my children’s mouths and so many other ways.  I wish I would have opened up my eyes and ears to Him speaking back to me long ago.

Yesterday I prayed.  I’ve felt called to the ocean my entire life.  I feel my soul refreshed every time I smell that salt water and see the vastness of the sea.  Every year I feel called more and more to move south. Whenever I feel broken and lost, a trip the the beach seems to be where God rebuilds me.  

This year my husband and I actually discussed it.  I think we both feel a desire to pursue, but there are obviously many things holding us back.  Would the kids embrace the change (new friends, new gymnastics teams, new schools)? And can we somehow force all our family and friends to move with us?  We both would really struggle with leaving our network. So I prayed about it. When I feel a deep desire to do something, I’ve learned it is often God trying to speak to me.  So I prayed God would give me signs, guidance, answers (maybe it’s not good to pray for signs, but I do it anyway.)

So I woke up this morning, opened my daily devotional on my Bible App that I’m doing with friends, and here it was:

“Do you feel restless where you are? God may have planted a divine desire in you to serve Him in some surprising way. Maybe He’s inspired you with a specific group of people, an idea, a problem, or a place.  Maybe He’s calling you to GO. FOLLOW THE HUNCH AND SEE WHERE IT TAKES YOU. EMBRACE THE ADVENTURE. The best way to make a leap of faith is to get a good running start.”

…”Walk away from everything you’ve ever known.  ‘Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and GO to the land I will show you’ (Genesis 12:1)”

“Leave and go”


“To go somewhere else, you have to leave where you are. You have to leave what’s known, what’s comfortable, what’s predictable, and what’s easy. To step toward your destiny, you may have to step away from your security.”

“Who knows where God will take your story if you just let Him? One day, years from now, you’ll look back on your life and see the whole story. What’s it going to be?  ‘I felt God was calling me, but I was afraid, so I did nothing.’ Or will you have a faith-filled adventure to tell? The difference is whether or not you go when God says, ‘Go.’”

Seriously? I love when He answers my prayers so directly and so obviously, but I also roll my eyes because I no longer can pretend like I don’t know exactly what He wants me to do and ponder it for longer.

Don’t worry though my local friends.  He told me for about a year to quit my job and pursue my online business, and I kept rolling my eyes and arguing.  It took Him speaking directly through my daughter’s mouth and my husband’s mouth for me to finally accept what He was telling me was real and take the leap of faith.  I tend to drag my feet for a while (glad God is forgiving).

But don’t get me wrong.  I’ve already been searching real estate in Alabama.

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