Where Is God’s Voice?

I am currently writing a book on building a deeper connection with God and learning to hear His voice in the loudness of the world around us.  I’ve slowly learned this new aspect to my faith starting 3 years ago when I began attempting “quiet” time: a time of clearing my head (as best I could) and just listening.  Since then, I’ve become aware of all the ways I was closing my eyes, ears, and heart to things God was trying to tell me in the past without even knowing it.  Sure, I’d pray and go to church.  But it was always me talking to God… not necessarily the other way around.

Now that I’ve been opening up the communication pathways, I’ve had some pretty magnificent and goosebump-giving moments.  Many moments.  Wow, those are good feelings.  The signs, voices, and words that are so obvious there is little room for doubt that God is speaking directly to me.

The only negative to experiencing these divine moments is the craving to have them all the time.  There are times where I want to hear God’s voice loud and clear, times where I’m struggling and scared, and I don’t want the subtle feelings… I want one of those big signs and voices He’s given me in the past.  I wonder if I’m doing something wrong, if I’m not clearing my head enough or missing a sign, or maybe my kids are just being too loud and the quiet time doesn’t even happen (this is pretty typical).  However, I read something the other day in my Jesus Always book by Sarah Young.

“You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart. I don’t expect perfection in this pursuit; it’s not about that at all. It is the effort itself that pleases Me- when you keep on seeking Me even though it’s so difficult. Actually, the intensity of this challenging search blesses you.

While you trudge toward Me through countless distractions, your awareness of Me increases. Even if you don’t feel close to Me, you find yourself communicating with Me.

This joyful journey is all about perseverance.  As long as you continue seeking Me, you are on the right path.”

The part I noticed is it’s not about perfection.  There are times when it seems hard to hear His voice and there are distractions all around us.  “Even if you don’t feel close to me.”  There will be moments when we feel like we are fully connected and hearing Him speak, and there will be times when we don’t feel it as much.  This is part of the journey.  The important part is that we continue to seek that connection and continue to open those lines of communication, because God is always there.  When He has something to tell us, if our ears, eyes, and heart are actively searching and listening, we will be able to hear it.

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