Don’t Quit Because You Failed

I was listening to a friend, leader, and coach of mine… and what she said on her Instagram stories was profound.

How many people start a diet plan, fail, and then quit.  How many people start going to the gym, then fail at being consistent, so they quit.  How many people start a workout program, get behind, feel like they failed, then quit.  This is true for almost any goals people set out to do.  Very few people will succeed at their New Year’s goals, because they are guaranteed to fail, and most people view failure as proof it wasn’t meant to be.

You know what? You are guaranteed to fail.  I believe it is impossible to hit a goal without failure.  In fact, a great quote speaks to this: “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” (Frank Clark).

If we walk away from a new plan we are trying every time we fail, we will never finish anything! It’s so easy to say, “That didn’t work for me,” or “I’m not good at this plan.”  It’s easy to just assume it works for other people and not you, then walk away… looking for the next magic plan where you can accomplish your goals without failure.

Let me tell you, the people that those plans work for… the exercise plans, the nutrition plans, the financial plans, the degrees, the jobs… they didn’t work for those people because they were better at it or it was meant for them and not you.  They worked because when they failed, they got back up and kept trying.  The same plan. They failed over and over, which lead to learning and growth.  They kept getting back up and getting better, which lead to more confidence and perseverance.  They didn’t run off and find a new plan.

So I encourage you to quit looking for the new ways to lose weight.  Find one that is healthy and something you can make a lifestyle, then keep failing and learning at it.  That is how you hit success.

Quit looking for the next magical weight-loss program.  Pick a plan, and fail at it, over and over, until you become stronger, more consistent, and make it such a habit to keep showing back up for yourself that quitting feels awkward.

Did you fail a class or an interview? Awesome! Next time you are going to be more experienced and even more knowledgeable.

Failure isn’t to be feared. It’s to be embraced.  Because without it, we will stay stuck right where we are forever.  So I encourage you to go fail…and when you do, look back and see what you can learn from it, how you can do even better next time, then go at it again.  Success is just failure over and over.

I can’t wait to see what failure brings all of you in 2019.  Because it can be amazing.

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