Ramen Noodles For Breakfast

I’m a mom that understands the importance of nutrition.  I’m a health coach.  Sometimes I make gluten free brownies, or chickpea chocolate chip cookie dough.  My kids eat lots of salads and spinach.

But one day this week, my kids legit had ramen noodles.  For breakfast.  That same week, I was doing a 3 day cleanse.  A cleanse I had done multiple times before almost perfectly with great results.  This week, however, my 3 day cleanse turned into a 4 day cleanse because day 3 didn’t go so well.  So I kind of skipped day 3, and did day 3 on day 4, which was also far from perfect.

Working on being healthy is essential, working on being amazing parents is important, and always being willing to grow and learn is pertinent to a fulfilled life.  I think self growth is so important to our mental state and happiness.  What we can’t forget, though, is grace.  We have to remind ourselves it’s not supposed to be a perfect journey, and the ups and downs and imperfections are what make it beautiful and they aren’t failures…they are a necessary part of growth and learning.

We can’t compare ourselves to the highlight reels we see of those moms that workout every day, are always happy, and constantly make healthy meals for their children.  Because most likely, those same moms also feel insecurities and anxiety, they yell at their kids more than they like, they feed their kids ramen noodles for breakfast, and they still eat brownies when they are on a 3 day cleanse.

When we do something that is “off plan” of our goals in fitness, parenting, or life, feeling negative and defeated just sets us back.  Yet if we laugh at the fact that we fed our kids ramen noodles for breakfast…and then 1 hour later let our 5 year old eat ice cream… if we can realize the imperfections are part of the learning process and a natural part of the journey on a beautiful path… we are much more likely to keep a positive mindset and jump right back on track.

So whatever journey you are on, embrace the slip ups and don’t let them lead to negative self talk and giving up.  My kids may have eaten ramen noodles for breakfast this week, but last night they had salads and I made Gluten Free Cashew Butter Brownies (yup..totally felt like mom of the year…for at least a minute).  I may have screwed up my 3 day cleanse, but I ended up losing 5 pounds of Thanksgiving bloat in 4 days.  It’s all about balance.

For the recipe for those amazing brownies (and if I can’t screw them up, then you know it’s a great recipe), check out my friend’s blog.  It’s my new go to for healthy foods when I don’t feel like feeding my kids ramen noodles.

Cashew Butter Flourless Brownies

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