It’s going to happen.  We question our abilities. We question our strength to get through.  We second guess our path, wondering if the end result is going to result in success and happiness or us falling flat on our face.

There are going to be times.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  Times when our insecurities creep in.  Times when we ask ourselves, “Why do you think you are good enough?”  Times when we focus on the qualities we don’t think are sufficient inside us.

But we don’t have to be strong enough or have the perfect qualities.

I am the God who makes you strong, who makes your pathway safe….. stay in My Presence with your inadequacies in full view. Ask Me to infuse strength into you, seeing your weaknesses as ‘jars’ that are ready to be filled with My Power. … Rejoice in My infinite sufficiency!

I am the One who makes your pathway safe.” ~Sarah Young, Jesus Always

Today, as I do many days, I sat down to stretch and pray after my workout.  It seems to be the perfect time to really open my heart and mind after I pushed my muscles to fatigue and sweat out the excess energy and stress.  Today, as I again do many days, I questioned God.  I really didn’t question God…. I questioned myself.

Am I meant to do this?  I’m a horrible communicator.  I’m a follower, not a leader.  I’m getting closer to 40.  Is my body strong enough?  Am I capable of overcoming unthinkable obstacles?  Is this path safe enough, and honestly am I good enough to fulfill the purpose of this path?

We all do it.  We question our abilities, we wonder if we are strong enough and good enough for the risk.  We wonder if the obstacles will break us.  But this is what I’ve learned. God doesn’t ask us to do things we aren’t capable of.  Wherever we feel insufficiencies, He has more than enough.  Our strength comes through Him.  I have to trust that the words will be put into my mouth by Him.  I have to remind myself He is clearing my path to make it safe, even when I can’t see the end.  I have to mentally squash the self-limiting beliefs on a daily basis.

I think too many people don’t ever learn to squash those beliefs and it makes me sad, wondering what the world could be like if more people forced themselves to believe in themselves and trusted God to carry them through.

Society might try to limit us on our paths, might push self-limiting beliefs on us….but really that is up to us.  It’s up to us to determine which beliefs are going to shape our lives and our future.  We have that power, with the help of God, to realize we are sufficient.  We are capable of so much more than we ever imagined.

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