They Are There. I Promise.

My day. I already had about 220 minutes of driving planned for my day. Yes I add it up so I can remind myself where half my day goes 😂

After getting the kids packed up and rushed out of the house, with all the bags, lunches, and my work stuff for the day, we made it 30 minutes south only for me to realize I left my son’s bag with all his assignments for coop at home. So we turned around, and I instantly started stressing out, verbally breathing heavy and complaining that now we were going to be late, now I wasn’t going to get to my oil changed and to the cable store, that I wasn’t going to have that extra few minutes to help the younger ones finish up their homework from the night before. Ugh. I didn’t need an entire hour of driving added onto my day!

We turned around, and on the way home I saw this sunrise, with God’s arms reaching out of it, extending peace and grace. I took a deep breath and told the kids we were fine. I remembered how I wanted to teach them to act when things go wrong.

When we got home, I also realized I had forgotten to take the trash out and that somehow in the midst of the morning chaos I left the back door wide open! (Luckily my dogs were locked up). The kids and I laughed, because what else are you going to do, and realized God had us leave the bag so we would be forced to come home and get our trash to the curb and lock our back door.

After getting the younger kids to school and then driving all the way back to coop, my previously angry son and I had a good laugh as we “pranked” a scammer that kept calling to say I was being arrested at my job because of a case against me from the DEA, FBI, and FDC if I did not give them info over the phone 😂😂 (my son answered the second time they called and it was pretty hilarious).

I have now found a local place to get my oil changed (Walmart to the rescue) and walked slowly through the book and home decor aisles, which are 2 things that can always bring me a peaceful feeling.

I will return to my son’s coop soon and get into work mode, excited to do some one on one calls with my coaches to help them continue to build their business and put some time into planning my upcoming 6 week nutritional mentorship (looking for test group participants)!

There are moments when life seems to be falling apart around me and I feel myself spiraling into negativity…but that’s when I have a choice. Allow myself to continue into that negative state, or say not this time. I choose joy. As hard as it may be at times, there is always a blessing somewhere if I open my eyes..a child’s laughter, the smell of coffee, the hopeful rays from the sunrise…I promise there is always something there.

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