The Scale

The scale.

How many people have wanted to throw this out the window?

How many people just refuse to own one?

How many people have told you not to weigh yourself because the number on the scale isn’t important?

Were they right? Not really.

The number on the scale should have nothing to do with the way you feel about yourself, it should have nothing to do with your happiness. It shouldn’t make you think you’ve been good or bad. However, the scale should not be looked at as bad. Food should also not be looked at as bad.

Why should we NOT throw away the scale?

Here are some of the diseases closely related to weight:


✔️High blood pressure

✔️Heart disease

✔️High cholesterol


✔️Certain types of cancer

✔️Gallbladder disease


✔️Breathing problems

✔️Kidney disease and kidney failure

What is one of the few tools that people can use at home to monitor their weight?

The scale.

We live in a country where 70% of Americans age 20 and older are overweight. Yet we are telling people to throw away the scale.

If someone has high blood pressure, do you tell them to throw away their blood pressure cuff? No, because it helps them monitor and get data on controlling something closely related to diseases.

I know this is controversial, because there are many girls and women that are dealing with body image issues. Is it really the scale’s fault? Throwing away the scale is not going to help most people. Learning to have a healthy relationship with food and the scale, while also working on their self love and mindset probably will.

I know this is a hard concept to grasp, and I will be honest, I used to tell people all the time not to weigh themselves too often. And yes, the scale does not tell everything. But when someone needs to lose weight to be HEALTHY, have energy, keep up with their kids…I’ve learned they need a scale.

I’m getting certified in the nutritional mindset program I have been doing the last 3 1/2 months because I have over 50 people doing it and am shocked at the results. They no longer fear the scale. In fact, they love the scale!!

They take a scale with them on vacation. They’ve developed a healthy relationship with food when they have struggled their entire lives. They are more confident.

Not because of the scale. Not because of the weightloss. But because they are feeling free from the emotional struggles with food and knowing what works for their body. Because they now have more energy. Because they found something that doesn’t feel like a diet because it’s not, yet is still allowing them to lose up to 10 pounds a month consistently.

I know people will disagree with this, and that is probably because they have not gone through this program. But if you have always struggled with losing weight, if diets have never worked before, if you hate the scale and struggle with emotional eating…

Message me. You and I will start tomorrow.

Then go out and buy a scale. ❤️

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