Front Porch Quiet Time

I attempted to sneak out onto my front porch this morning for my quiet God time…. because there wasn’t a quiet, peaceful place available in my house… and immediately this guy sensed I was hiding something from him as I slipped on a hooded jacket.

“Where are you going mom?”

“I’m just going to go sit on the front porch by myself for a few minutes to pray and have quiet time.”

“I want to do quiet time with you.”

I work so hard every day to find a quiet moment, the perfect relaxation music, pick the perfect devotional that hopefully will speak to me, and attempt every day to be still enough to listen to God’s booming voice telling me what to do next or reassuring me I’m doing okay. It’s hard to hear that booming voice, that is usually more of a whisper, when I can’t find a quiet spot by myself.

As we rocked on the front porch and listened to the birds, the rain, and the crickets… I decided it was okay to have a talking 5 year old with me during my quiet time. I wasn’t able to hear a booming voice from overhead, but I was able to feel a blessing cuddled up next to me, I was able to let my brain relax for a few moments and simply talk about why it’s so difficult to catch squirrels with a net. I was able to see my baby boy sitting on a front porch swing that I had always dreamt of having (I really need to use my front porch more often).

And though it wasn’t the goosebump giving, tear forming conversations I crave happen more often with God, I was able to say a little prayer and just be reminded to slow down and live in the moment, appreciate my surroundings, and be so grateful for all God has blessed me with in this life.

I’m a dreamer and a doer, so no matter how thankful I am for exactly where I am and what I have, I never stop dreaming and praying about how I can do more, always getting excited to grow and progress in myself and my life. However, I know I need to slow down too and just let my mind stop thinking of the next thing I have to do. It’s not easy. But maybe this morning porch swinging should become more of a ritual.

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