National Girlfriend’s Day

Did you know there is a National Girlfriend’s Day?  I didn’t either…and it’s today! A random email told me so.  I think all these “national” days are kind of stupid, but some of them are also fun, like who wouldn’t want a National Donut Day?!?!

However, this one hit a heart string when I read it.  Why? Because all my life I’ve been a 1 or 2 friend kind of person, slowly becoming a small group of friends type of person, but always telling myself quality is better than quantity (this is still true to a certain point), and that it’s good to just have a few really close friends.

My view on this has slowly changed.  At first all I needed/had was my sister and a few best friends.  Then I got married, moved into a new neighborhood, and made a whole new bunch of best friends that I know will be lifelong and that supported me and continue to support me during those lonely early parenting years.  At first I thought, am I “ditching” my old best friends from highschool and college if I call this new group my best friends?  Was I spreading my love too thin??

Then, God opened up a door and pushed me into a world of networking, of a huge tribe of women, that forced me to open up and get more vulnerable and authentic than I’ve ever been with friends before.  Wow.  This group talks to me daily, is always there in an instant virtually when I need a prayer or uplifting, they push me to be more than I ever imagined I could be.  I call them my best friends too.

Next, I started getting customers/clients relying on me to help them with their health and fitness journey.  Yet, instead of just being customers, so many of them seem more like friends.  It’s deeper than a “business” mindset…I truly care about them, pray for them, and connect with them.

I can’t even begin to count how many friends, and I mean good friends, I have now.  And guess what?  The more I listen in church, the more I dive into the Bible and my devotionals, the more I feel strongly that relationships and connections are a big reason God has us here on Earth.  The more I discover how amazing it is to support strangers, to get to know new people, to just be vulnerable to an acquaintance, which bridges that gap of barely knowing each other to having a deeper connection, the more I want to keep going .

I realize now every relationship, no matter how short or long, how deep and vulnerable, or even just a quick convo with a stranger in the grocery store…they all have a purpose and place in our lives . I’ve learned to cherish them all.  I’ve learned we all have plenty of love to give and maybe we are supposed to connect and love more than we do.  Imagine if we all just lifted up a few more people, loved a few more people, supported a few more people.

So to all my girlfriends in my life….thank you for making my life so much more meaningful, for having such an important place in my heart, and for being a part of my tribe.

Happy National Girlfriend’s Day.

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