My daughter, you will defy the impossible

“We’re not here to live as others think we should. Though we often become masters at it, life is far too precious and short for conformity.

We are here to live a life that glorifies God while defying the impossible, to inspire and invite others to do the very same thing. That’s what it means to live in God’s image.” Marshawn Daniels

I feel like the things I’m learning now in my 30s are things I want my kids to learn as children. I want to teach them confidence, the art of dreaming, not conforming just because society tells you to.

I want their visions to be unlimited, knowing that they can do anything and make all the difference in the world. I want them to realize now that their potential to live an extraordinary life and bless as many people as they can is endless.

As I read these books, as I have a team of people who push me and change me, I wonder if it is just something people have to learn on their own, or if it is something I can pass down as I raise my children.

I listen to audible’s while I drive, and I often want to shake my children and say, “Did you hear that?! Did you hear that?! It is so powerful. It is so true.”

I now wonder why we aren’t working on mindset with every child in school, pushing personal development, positivity, teaching them life is not about your circumstances, but about how you react to things and what you do with it.

I was blessed to have parents that lived with that philosophy, no dream was too big, no circumstance was impossible to get around. I hope to pass that on to my children, even multiplying their belief in it.

I pray constantly that they see the joy all around them in this life, I pray that they get a glimpse of the potential God has put in them that I see in them every day.

I already see it in this girl. Her ability to dream, her passion and heart to help and inspire others, her maturity in perspective and mindset, and her faith. I know she will change the world around her.

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