Acknowledging Evil Exists

As a woman of faith, I have always focused on the good, God, Jesus…all the warm, gushy, loving parts of faith.  I have realized as a born optimist, I often shield my eyes and become deaf to the words that make me uncomfortable.  Like the word satan… or evil.  Even now, it is hard for me to type those words.  I’ve pushed those negativities aside all these years, not even allowing minimal thought to it’s existence.  I’d rather just pretend that kind of stuff doesn’t exist. I don’t want to give it power.  I fear talking about it and thinking about it might make it more real.

Yet lately I’ve been reevaluating my fearfully optimistic thought patterns.  I think of all the hardships people go through, all the road blocks to our bigger purpose and life dreams, all the times we get knocked down or are left in devastation.  I think of all the times we feel like maybe we should give up on any given journey.

I think of all the times in my business when I tell people to just pick themselves up and keep going when they are struggling.  I remember all the obstacles I hit each time I set out to reach a goal, and how I had to make a decision each time whether it was going to stop me or I was going to find a way to push though.

I have a friend, a success partner, who I turn to with doubts in my current journey, my fears, my purpose.  She is someone who keeps me grounded in my faith and we like to help each other stay focused on God’s purpose in our lives and business instead of our own.  I remember a couple times sharing my doubts with her, my anxiety about leaving my job to go on this totally unexpected path I felt God has been calling me to do, second guessing myself at times.  I remember her telling me that it is evil talking.

“The devil will try to stop you.  You just have to push him aside.”

I had never thought of that.  I had never thought of all those obstacles in life, all the knock downs, all the struggles to live out the life you feel called to live….as the devil trying to get in your way.  Yet how many times is Satan and evil mentioned in the Bible?

I’ve always been big on pushing through the struggles, learning from them, and picking yourself back up.  Yet now that I look at these obstacles as possibly evil desperately trying to stop God’s purpose, I feel more empowered.  I feel more confident shutting down those self limiting beliefs and fears, I feel more confident that every little obstacle isn’t necessarily a sign I should give up.

I think of all the freaking times I try to pray and do quiet time…and the dogs randomly start barking loudly, making my blood boil.  Or the times I try to begin my chat with God and the phone rings or I hear the kids bickering in the background.  I want to roll my eyes.  I want to say, “Sorry God, this just doesn’t work.  Finding quiet time with you is too hard. I give up.”

How may times have I wanted to totally give up on church for a FULL year just because it’s soooo hard to get the kids ready and out of the house on time without yelling and stress.

How many times, when you are working towards a goal in life, have you hit a roadblock or obstacle.  I think it is probably very rare to not get to that point where you wonder, am I really meant to keep going forward?  I don’t think you go on a journey without getting knocked down and begin second guessing your path.

Satan will do anything he can to keep us from our faith.  He will try to pull us away from our purpose.  He will throw obstacles and self doubt and frustration into our journey.  Maybe pretending all that evil doesn’t exist isn’t the best thing.  Maybe acknowledging it so we can shout loudly, “GET OUT OF MY WAY” would be even better.

I can’t say enough how taking the time to pray and quietly listen (with interruptions of course) has given me more clarity on the direction of my life and my true purpose.  As long as we continue to pray and ask for guidance each and every day, we can have more confidence pushing through those road blocks and self limiting beliefs when we run head first into them…and believe me…you WILL  hit them.  Satan is desperate.  He will do all in his power to block your path.  Yet God is so much more powerful.  Get your strength from God.  Listen to that intuition and those tugs inside you.  Don’t let evil stop you.

Not this time, buddy.


2 thoughts on “Acknowledging Evil Exists

  1. wow! I really had to hear this! I have never thought of it that way either. Such wonderful insights. This resonated with me so much you have no idea. Thank you so much for posting this. I wish I could like it numerous times!!!


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