I’ve been working hard the last 3 years…doing something that most people probably think is pointless and not going to go anywhere.  I’m sure there were lots of doubts when I quit my good paying Physical Therapy job….and there were definitely doubts in my own head!  Yet 3 years ago, God put a vision in my head, and I have been trying my hardest to follow that vision and whatever purpose He has planned, even when it doesn’t seem logical, even when it seemed unlikely to go anywhere.  I’ve shown up EVERY SINGLE DAY to work on this vision.

Today I’ve been holding back tears.  Why? Because not giving up on that vision is causing an explosion in my business and life right now.  I see so many people on my team also seeing the vision and beginning to believe their bigger purpose.  I see them not being scared to ask God for His plan, and it’s paying off.

One of my good friends sent me a podcast that spoke right to what I was feeling today.

“It requires you believing bigger than what you see in this physical world to step into something that most people will never have.”

“I believe in manifestation, but I believe it comes by tapping into the mind of God and learning what it takes to show up and release what you don’t already know is within you.”

“There is something greater upon our lives, our lives are not our own. It’s not just about the money, it’s not just about the metrics and the measurements….there’s something eternal that is the reason we are in this marketplace.”

Yes, yes, and yes.  This has been my gut feeling since I started this business…there is a bigger purpose, and if we continue to work for God, the blessings will flow in.  Is it the easy path? No.  Is it uncomfortable wondering what people think, putting yourself out there? Yes.  But it can be amazing.

If you feel a tug for something bigger in your life, to make a difference, please reach out to me.  We start with health and fitness, but we go a lot deeper quickly.  We start with the physical, but work to transform the internal.

And if you want to listen to the entire podcast that spoke right to me, here is the link.

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