“I Am”

Not long ago, I was at my in law’s house, and my father in law declared he was not going to curse anymore.  The sermon at church had spoken to him: “A man’s curses will fall and wrap themselves around him like a cloak.”  My father in law said he didn’t want to see the big man in the end, and have to answer to all the curse words of his past, all those words that would be wrapped around him.

I didn’t think anymore of that conversation until I started reading a new devotional, Jesus CEO by Laurie Beth Jones.  It goes further into not only the importance of not cursing, but the impact the words you say, especially about yourself, can have.  I talk to woman and men on a regular basis who put themselves down.  Think about the words in your head you are saying about yourself.  Because what you are saying will come true…it will be true.  You will wear the cloak of your curses.  So if we continue the negative self talk and the limiting self beliefs…that is what we will wear, that is what we will become.

Mindset training and learning positive self talk is something I’ve been studying over the last few years, but I love that I can now see the how Jesus lead with positive words of Himself.  He outwardly spoke who He thought He was and what he visualized would happen.

“I am that I am”.  “I declare a thing and it is done for me.  My word accomplishes that which I send it out to do.”

Wow.  I just listened to a podcast all about manifestation and seeing the vision of and for yourself.  Jesus did that too.  He spoke what He wanted to be, what He was supposed to be.  And it happened.  So much positive self talk, so why don’t we do that for ourselves?  There is so much power in speaking your vision, saying it out loud every day, to send it out so it can really happen.

Jesus said, “God always answers my prayers.”  Wow again.  How many times do we find ourselves asking why God hasn’t answered our prayers yet, or in the way we expected, instead of just trusting and assuming He always answers them.  How much could a shift in what you are saying  affect the person you are and the things that happen to you?

“What if every word we said fell and wrapped itself around us like a garment? What kind of wardrobe would we have?” ~Jesus CEO

I challenge you to start paying attention to the voices in your head.  Are they saying, I never follow through, I’m just destined to live this life because of my circumstances, I’m fat and gross, I’m not a good parent, I could never be successful like those people, I’m not happy, I have no self control.  Is it negative self talk like this, pointing out all your mistakes to yourself, focusing on all the things you don’t like?  How is your vision of your future? Is it amazing and positive, or do you just assume you are going to remain stuck right where you are because that is just the way life is?

It’s not a secret.  You can change that.  You can change the way you feel about yourself, you can absolutely be the person you want to be.  You can change your future.  I don’t know how many millionaires I have listened to that started with $100,000 in debt, barely able to stay afloat…or how many top leaders struggled with anxiety and depression, or some with drugs and alcohol.  It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are right now.  It matters how you are talking to yourself.   Force those voices to change, force those visions of you and your future to change.  Because what you say will be what you wear.

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