Unproductive Time

There are going to be times where you just want to scream or cry, because things just don’t go as planned. I have a huge list of things I need to get done this week, and none of them are getting checked off.

Yesterday I rushed to get to work, just to have my patient not show. I then went and spent a chunk of the day driving to and hanging out at the tire place to get my tires fixed (The one I had fixed a month ago). They were able to fix the one that was flat, but could not get the other 3 done in time.

Today I was 20 minutes late to my Christian book club, but heard almost nothing and left halfway into it because of a grumpy 4-year-old whining and screaming in my ear. I skipped most the other errands on my list, but decided to risk it and take Charlie with me to a second tire store to attempt to get the other 3 new tires put on. We spent an hour together at the tire store, only to find out they can’t fix our tires.

I knew by the time I got home, I would only have 1 hour to get that untouched to do list worked on, pending a grumpy four-year-old entertaining himself.

I really wanted to scream, I wanted to be grumpy and stomp my feet, because I hate wasting time doing things like driving from tire shop to tire shop, the entire day gone with not one thing accomplished. However, this is what I want to work on the most in my life, my attitude towards that never ending to do list. My parents taught me to enjoy the moments, even when things aren’t going the way they are supposed to, and if you watch Charlie, he sure knows how to do that.

It’s not easy for me to NOT be productive, not checking off the list and knowing it is going to double tomorrow. But these days are short, so instead of throwing a tantrum, I’m trying to give myself grace and enjoy it.

Charlie and I walked around the store looking at toys, sat down and had luncheables lunches while we waited for the van, and he even managed to make me laugh, as stressed as I was feeling.

Our path for the day, even our path for our life, is not always what we think it is supposed to be, it is not always how we planned. But that path is being made for a reason.

So I will take a deep breath, accept the fact that I will need to go to a third tire store this week, and just be happy spending the day NOT getting things checked off.


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