How Do You Perceive Yourself?

“God forgive me for the times I set your word aside and try to do life without it.” Jennifer Sprinkle/Kelly Rucker

It’s amazing the way your life begins to change and transform when you purposefully ask God daily to take your hand and guide you through your moments, to take control of your life.  When you pray for Him to show you the path and actually take the time to listen and open your eyes and heart, your normal fears, insecurities, things you’re not good at…they don’t matter anymore.

I’ve always known I was a complete introvert, painfully shy growing up, uncomfortable talking on the phone, starting new conversations, hating awkward silence yet being the queen of it.  I never wanted to be in small groups at church because I didn’t know the right things to say….I never wanted to be asked to talk about my faith.  I don’t know enough about the Bible, my words never come out right…and please don’t ask me to be the one to pray at a social gathering….that would have sent me straight into a panic attack.

I’m a follower.  Not a leader.  I don’t make decisions.  I like to stay in the background, not have people looking at me and watching me.

Those were all the ways I would have described myself for 35 years.  I bet many other people would have described me the same way.  So when I opened up my mind and heart to intentional prayer and listening daily, it was shocking the direction I was being pulled.

That box you put yourself in….it’s all in your head.  Yes, I’m still an introvert and need my space and quiet time, but God has given me a voice I never thought I had.  He’s given me leadership skills that are beyond what I would have expected of myself.  Somehow I can speak in front of people, I can communicate, I can share to the world me, authentically, and not care anymore what people may think.  It’s exhilarating to begin following His purpose for you.

It’s crazy to start living the way God sees you.  He sees you as beautiful, amazing, talented, and having a purpose.  He has a purpose for all of you.  We often shut our eyes and hearts to our full potential and purpose, but what would happen if more and more of us opened our mind to endless possibilities, to the possibility that God has a big plan for us?  What if by letting God lead us, those things we aren’t good at, those personality traits we struggle with….are insignificant and maybe even non existent.

I have a passion to teach everyone how to unlock their full potential God has given them, how to move past the preconceived beliefs they have of themselves that are limiting them in living a fulfilling and meaningful life.  It starts with listening to God.

I’m currently running a group with tips on starting this connection.  Please don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll get you added right away.

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