How Do We Fix a Broken World

I try not to watch the news.  I try not to focus on the negative events in the world, and when I hear of catastrophes, I feel pain for those families, I know I can’t imagine what they are going through, and I pray for them.  I start fearing the world my kids are being raised in, but we can’t live in fear?

What happens when people are telling you praying isn’t good enough…that not enough people are taking action to get into the political world of gun laws, mental health support, and all the other issues that may be to blame for a child killing 17 other children in a school.

I do sometimes question whether my lack of participation in the political world is bad.  I know to make a decision on what I need to do politically, it would take hours and hours of research, watching the news and reading articles that I know I would question their objectivism.  I’ve tried this before and after hours of research, I feel more confused and lost about where people stand, what the laws actually mean that people are pushing for, what I should be doing as a citizen.

I could be totally wrong, but I feel a big problem is a cycle of family, community, love …that just isn’t always there and being passed down anymore.  I personally see my children deal with bullies in school and I wonder why.  Why are kids bullying? Is it how they are being treated at home? Is it a lack of structure and love at home?  Is it because the school staff never does anything about it, even if brought to their attention…or maybe they can’t because there is only so much you can do to control a child when you have a school full to tend to.  Is it just kids being kids and my kids are extra sensitive?  I honestly don’t know.  I don’t know why other teen girls would stand behind my daughter at cheer and purposefully make her mess up, call her horrible names behind her, then laugh.  I don’t know why their parents would watch and laugh too.  Is that an acceptable way to treat people in their home?  I don’t know why awful names would be said about her on twitter and nothing is done about it.  It’s just acceptable now.  I guess that is just how people are taught to treat other people.

I don’t know why it’s acceptable to grab my son’s nipples and twist so hard it almost brings him to tears, not letting go, during practice.  I don’t know why it happens that he gets pushed into a locker almost daily, toes stomped, locker slammed shut over and over so he struggles to get to class on time.  Is it the bully’s family life?  I encourage my kids to pray for the kids that are mean to others, because obviously they are hurting on the inside.  Is it the lack of control in the school?  Is it just something that has always been around and my kids need to suck it up and be tough?

I don’t know why kids go to school and shoot other kids.  Is it just because they had a gun at home?  Is it because they were bullied? Is it because they don’t have love and support at home and are the bully?  Are they just a normal kid that saw a gun and thought they would go shoot people? Are they dealing with mental health issues?  I don’t know the answers.  Or is there more to the story?

All I know is I feel like it is my utmost job to focus on my children and those around me.  To teach them right from wrong, to show them how precious life is and how much God loves them, to teach them how to feel empathy and compassion for people.  I’m not going to be able to teach the world that, but I can reach as many people as possible, and they can reach more people, and maybe it will spread.   Maybe I’ll support gun laws and mental health laws, but I have a feeling what I need to do even more is do my part in raising the next generation, offering my love and support to as many people as I can touch, and pray that God uses me for the purpose He has intended for me.

So many people seem to know the answer, but I know I don’t.  This society is so hard.  School is so hard.  I’ve often contemplated homeschooling, because I can’t imagine being pushed into a locker every day and how that slowly wears on your self love and love for other people.

I will teach my kids to be vigilant, take precautions, etc…we all know I’m a worrier and may or may not have a baby monitor in my daughter’s room so nobody steals her.  However, I also don’t want them growing up thinking the world is all negative, hateful people.  I want them to know that 99% of people are good, I want them to surround themselves with positive influences and support like I have, I want to teach them that this life is amazing and we are so blessed to get every day we have….we need to look at those sunrises and smile…thankful God provided us with this beautiful world.  We need to enjoy the little things, find joy in the difficult journey we go on, constantly work on ourselves and helping others.  I pray that I can do my best to teach my kids to still love people when they are being bullied regularly (trust me, this is not easy).  We can work on the gun laws, we can work to bring in the right leaders and politicians, but if we don’t connect with God and let him work in our lives, what purpose is there?  We are here because of Him.  We are here to do His purpose.  When was the last time you asked Him to show you that purpose and listened?


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