This Coach Life

I’ve never been a deep person. I would get asked why I didn’t cry at movies, or at funerals. I could have a poker face all day long…my parents never knew if I was happy or sad, haha. I’ve always had a good belief in God, but would freak out if I thought someone was going to ask me to talk about my faith or even pray in front of the family.
What can a tribe and support of like minded people do to transform you?

Wow. A lot.

I was a new coach. I was traveling…still pretty brand new in the business…to spend 4 days in a beach house with over 10 women I had never met in person. I tried to be confident, wondering if I’d be the oldest…wondering if I was actually fit enough to hang out with all these fitness coaches in a bikini…and really wondering how my difficulty with talking to strangers and communicating was going to come across to these ladies.

It wasn’t long after getting there we were sitting on the beach, in a circle. The leader of our tribe, the one that had arranged this entire retreat, had not long before gone through the loss of her baby, which we all felt like we went through with her online, in our community, in our group chats. This beach chat was bound to be emotional from the start. And one by one, we went around and told our stories. One by one we cried, shared struggles that nobody should ever have to go through, shared fears, held hands, lifted each other up, talked about God…and we all knew in that moment God had us there for a reason. We were challenged to be a different business. To share the stuff that is hard, to be authentic and vulnerable in a world where people want to hide their struggles…because that’s where the true connections and truly helping people can happen.

That was almost 2 years ago. Since then I have grown in my ability to open up, be vulnerable, share my faith. I have grown in my relationship with God exponentially, because I’m no longer scared to listen to Him and to spread that light to others. I have coaching groups online I talk to EVERY FREAKIN’ SINGLE DAY. When I was almost in tears, my group chat this week turned to my parenting fears and struggles instead of business talk. Just yesterday, my friend posted a raw faith based podcast onto our team page. I have people all over the US, Canada, UK…that I can message and instantly get support and prayers from more people than I ever imagined.

So when I invite to learn about this coaching opportunity…yes, you get to change people’s lives, you get to make money, you get to help them lose weight and reach their fitness goals, you get to teach them happiness and to love themselves…but I promise you won’t go unchanged. You won’t go untransformed. If you throw yourself into this team that God has pulled together, that God keeps telling us He has a bigger purpose for, you will be different. You will make a difference. We are growing as a team, and we have a big plan ahead of us.

One by one we are changing the world.

We are starting a mentorship tomorrow that we feel very passionate about…a training that will take very little time, a business that you can work on in 15 minute increments….but don’t be surprised if those little amounts of time you put into this makes you want more and more…and don’t be surprised at how much a silly at home business can transform you from the inside out.


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