Would You Call?

Throughout my life, I’ve always said my family taught me you can overcome any obstacle..that anything is possible even when it seems impossible. A silly little challenge this Christmas reminded me of this lesson taught by my parents.
My husband has a favorite bourbon he likes to purchase once a year for Christmas. Well this year, everybody else realized how good this bourbon was and there became a mass shortage. My husband called countless liquor stores in 3 different states, all reporting being out of this particular bourbon.
We got to my mom’s this morning, and after hearing about it, she decided to make some calls. The first local liquor store she called said, “We are out, and let me save you some time. Don’t bother calling any other stores. Nobody has it.”
I bet you 99% of people would not have called anymore stores. Not my mom. She called another store in the area. They told her the same thing…they were out.
I really bet after that, very few people would keep trying. Obviously they are out at every store in every state.
Well, she called one more store, 10 miles down the road. They checked their shelves, and said they had 1 bottle of Blantons sitting on the shelf. My mom asked if they would hold it, and they said they couldn’t.
We jumped in the car, raced to the store, and ran in as we saw multiple people walking out with their brown bags…wondering if we were too late. When we got up to the counter, the man working there pulled a brown bag from behind the counter…”I saved it for you.”
I know. It’s just a stupid liquor. But think about it. Think about how many people give up on a dream because it didn’t work out the first time. Or someone told them it wasn’t possible…or maybe multiple people said it wasn’t possible! How many people are willing to keep going when they get “no” after “no”?
Not many. It’s a small percentage that have the grit and hopefulness to keep going when it is obviously impossible. Yet that small percentage…those are the ones who reach their potential…who actually see their dreams played out…who become the top in their business…who get accepted into an impossible school…who think outside the box and find a different way…who don’t take no for an answer.
Would you have called another liquor store?

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