Do What’s Hard

“If you want to find what’s missing from your life you need to stop always doing what you feel like doing, and start doing the things that make you uncomfortable, the stuff you avoid, and the things you think are hard. If you dedicated yourself to only doing the things you don’t want to do, all day long, you would achieve everything you truly want. Make a mental list of things you avoid, postpone, and just don’t want to deal with. If you attacked those today, your life would change.”
Getting up early to workout and do my devotion is not easy. Giving up a couple of my shows to do a little work wasn’t necessarily the first thing my brain told me to do. Working during my lunch break while I ate, listening to personal development instead of music while I drove, taking advantage of some time during my kids’ practices…our brains want us to stay stuck. Our brains want us to take the path of least resistance, do whatever feels easy….sleeping in and hitting snooze is sooo much easier…sitting down every night with a bowl of ice cream and watching Netflix would be easy…but easy doesn’t always make us happy.
I have visions and dreams of more vacations with my family (I’m totally obsessed with those beaches), more financial freedom to not worry about if we should continue to pay for piano lessons, gymnastics, baseball lessons. I had a vision of being able to work from home, making me available when the kids were sick or needed a volunteer at school.   None of that happens from listening to the fears in my brain, from avoiding the uncomfortable, and from pushing snooze and watching Netfix.
I made the decision to work hard in the small cracks of time that I had (which wasn’t much), and I continue to learn about myself and my potential every day. I am half way through this book, “Stop Saying You’re Fine” and am loving it. If you are feeling stuck or just need some strategies to discover “a more powerful you”, I highly recommend this book!
Try doing someting uncomfortable each day. It will change your life.

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