Join your kids, Play, Have Fun…But Be Careful

I want my kids to have fun every day.  So I force myself to play with them.  I say force, because if my kids weren’t walking into the grocery store with me, I probably wouldn’t insist on jumping over all the cracks and skipping through the door.   I thoroughly dislike playing Power Rangers, but can usually squeeze out 5 minutes of pretend before I make an excuse of needing more coffee and sneak downstairs.

Play is important.   Very important.  And honestly, I like to play.  However, my idea of play is more like searching for beach houses online, looking up and having fun with home decor, reading, shopping, writing….sometimes you can get me to play a game of Rook.  So when my son asks me to play Minecraft, it isn’t excitement that gets me to play, but a decision I have made to have fun with my kids.  Let me tell you a secret.  Although I am forcing myself to play “kid stuff” and often slightly drag my feet knowing it doesn’t really sound fun to me….although I force myself to challenge the kids in a race back to the car when really I just want to walk…most of the time it really does end up being fun!  We end up laughing.  And when you see your kids laugh, you can’t help but have fun.  In fact, it reminds me of working out…you don’t always feel like doing it, but you force yourself…and man it feels good afterwards.

So we ended up laughing as we filmed live Youtube footage of “Mom Plays Minecraft For The First Time.”  And if you really want to know what your kids are doing and bond with them…join them in what they are doing…which led to a Musically dance my daughter and I performed together.


Then there was tonight, while waiting for basketball, my oldest two were running and jumping to reach as high as they could on the school concrete walls.  I didn’t feel like it, but instead I said, “Oh yea…I can really jump high.”  Unfortunately, I ran full speed and didn’t get my hands overhead in time, slamming my knuckles into the concrete and about bringing me to my knees.  At least I tried.

So though I hate playing pretend, I don’t always want to jump like a frog to brush our teeth, I am probably the WORST Minecraft player in the world, and I really can’t jump higher than my kids without getting hurt….all those times brought laughter.  They brought fun.  In a world where I feel like every moment of my time should be cleaning, laundry, homework, working, growing my business…sometimes you gotta force yourself to play.  Quit walking into the grocery store and remember what it feels like to skip.

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