Social media.  It’s the highlights of our life.  But just remember as you are scrolling everyone’s beautiful life…it’s just that…highlights.  My #transformationthursday post was going to be a little different.  The first picture has the lighting just right, the angle that compliments.  The second picture shows how my eating has not been on point…and my abs are hidden by a little extra fluff and some extra, and what you can’t see as well, slightly wrinkly skin.  The transformation has nothing to do with my abs or lack of abs, but more in my love for myself.  In past years, having my skin hang a little over my jeans, seeing the extra skin that will always be a part of me, knowing my eating hasn’t been great…it would have had me chanting so much negative self talk.  I would be angry at myself, frustrated with weight gain in the winter, squeezing my belly fat, rolling my eyes in the mirror.

As I was looking through what picture to post, I compared the 2 I took within seconds of each other.  I decided not to just post the “highlights” with the good angle, but also the “real lights” photo, the one where I am okay that my abs come and go, that sometimes my jeans are a little tighter…the one where I’ve learned to love my journey, not my end goal. The one where I’ve learned to be proud of myself for always trying, and learn to feel beautiful while “in progress” and through the ups and downs.

Don’t compare your journey to other’s highlights.  Remeber behind each of those highlights are the “real lights”, a journey of ups and downs, overcoming struggles, fears and anxieties.  Learn to love yourself DURING your journey.  Quit waiting for your happiness to come when you reach that end goal…because that is not where happiness lies.  Learning to love yourself now, be real and authentic now…that is where your joy awaits.


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