I Took The Leap!

I shared this on my Facebook page, but thought I should update my blog followers!  I posted this last week:

“Something crazy but exciting happened today that I was going to go live and share, but worried I might cry. Today I put in my 2 weeks notice as a Physical Therapist to pursue Beachbody full time.

Crazy that 2 years ago I was sitting in a bathtub crying, saying a prayer to God to help me because I couldn’t get my eating under control, I felt tired all the time, I didn’t feel excited or passionate, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin….and He answered me by placing this business in my life. At a time when I couldn’t seem to help myself, He asked me to help others. When my worst characteristic was communication, He asked me to build relationships, talk to people, and lead. He took a girl who was totally anti any at home business, and put her on a team that changed her, loved her, and pushed her to grow in her faith and belief in herself.

This business has turned into something I never imagined, changing me from the inside, lighting up this fire inside of me, and allowing me to see maybe God has a bigger and different purpose for me than I had planned.

It’s scary to do something non traditional, but I’ve had sign after sign tell me this is what I’m meant to do now. So thankful for my team that is working together with me to change not only their own lives, but so many other people’s lives. I’m thankful for my family and friends always supporting my crazy dreams…and especially for my husband that was quite skeptical about this business in the beginning (“Does this mean you are going to start posting selfies and things on Facebook all the time?”), to telling me last night that now is the time to go for it. And for all you challengers and clients of mine…I don’t think you realize how much you make this business worth it…how seeing you fight for your goals, get results, and keep showing up motivates me more than anything.

So excited to see what the next year will bring for our team and in my life!!! AAAaahahhhh!!!!”

2 weeks and I am will be all in to this business.  How crazy that something I started doing on the side in the “mom cracks” has grown and changed my life so much.  It’s kind of scary at the same time.  It’s not like I go to work at a certain time, work for a certain amount of hours, and get paid per hour.  However, I keep hearing God push me to just trust Him, lean on Him in uncertainty….we aren’t supposed to worry and understand exactly what the future holds.

My devotional today from Jesus Always reminds me, “I am the One who makes your pathway safe.  This includes protection from worry and excessive planning.  Instead of gazing into the unknown future, try to be mindful of Me as you journey through this day Remain in communication with Me, letting My guiding Presence keep you on course. I will go before you as well as beside you- clearing away obstacles on the path up ahead. Trust Me to make conditions on your pathway the very best for you.”

I can’t predict what lies ahead, I can’t predict what plans God has for me as a full-time Beachbody coach.  All I can do is keep my focus and goals on Him and trust He is clearing and lighting the path for me.  I’m just so blessed that He answered my prayers that night in the bathtub.


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