Bad Mom Blog

I know this is horrible.  But sometimes I just get tired of having to SHARE!  Once you have kids, your life is no longer your life, your things are no longer your things.  You have to share EVERYTHING!  And yes, I know I’m the boss, and I should be able to keep my things separate, but all of you with kids know it isn’t that easy.  When they start whining and begging to be in your space, you let them because you know you need to enjoy it and it won’t last forever.  When they want to eat EVERY SINGLE MEAL you make for yourself, you let them because they need the nutrition and you want to teach them to share.  When they want to stick their finger in your makeup and try it on…you argue with them, but don’t always have the energy to stop them…you really just need to focus on getting ready for the day.

I buy frozen fruit for my husband’s shakes…and frozen fruit isn’t cheap….they eat it gone in 2 days.  I make an awesome salad for myself and go to sit down and watch 15 minutes…ONLY 15 MINUTES…of a mommy show…like really…I just want 15 minutes to eat a good lunch and watch some reality trash….and within seconds Charlie is on top of the coffee table with a fork in his hand, helping himself to my salad…dropping pieces back onto my plate out of his mouth.

I go up to bed only to find inches left for me and my husband due to the fact that 2-3 kids, and possibly a dog, have taken over.  I want covered up at night, but my 4 year old hates to be covered, so he constantly kicks the covers off both of us.  After cuddling all night, I could use some space, but those 6-7 hours of leech time are never enough for them.

I make MY breakfast shake…my only breakfast that will last me until lunch…and they all want a “taste” after I’ve already made them a warm breakfast of eggs.  My phone. My IPad.  My purses. My bags.  My favorite blanket. My food.  Oh yea…my tape! Heaven forbid I try to buy scotch tape and shipping tape to use in my office and try to hide it…they always find it and use the entire roll for their crafts!  I never have tape when I need it!

I told you this was going to be a horrible mom blog.  Deep down I love it all.  I love the fact I have all these creatures to share with.  I know how blessed I am and am so thankful.  Trust me! I know!

But sometimes I still want to throw a temper tantrum.  Sometimes I just don’t want to share.


21 thoughts on “Bad Mom Blog

  1. LOL I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I sometimes go hungry because my kid eats his dinner and then wants mine but then he ends up spitting on it or something and that’s just a yuck! LOL It is helping me keep my weight off tho so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.


  2. I agree. I hate sharing sometimes, well .. most of the time. For instance, on a limited nutrition plan the one pleasure I get is a fruit smoothie and wouldn’t you know my kids want it every time. No, I don’t want to make them their own and no I don’t want to share. Lol. Shame on me.


  3. Not to sound like I don’t enjoy it, but I do HATE having to share my personal space!! I’ve always been big on personal space and my kids have to constantly be in my husband’s or my own’s face!!! I’m ready to flip on them sometimes because I just want two quiet seconds to myself so I can feel like my body is my own at times .


  4. I needed this today! My 3 year olds newest thing is asking me any time I leave the room when I’m coming back. So he automatically notices when I sneak to the kitchen for a snack, his little head pops around the corner and I hear “whatcha eatin’ mama?”


  5. This is so true! The biggest kicker for me is when I’ve made them something in the past and they wouldn’t eat it but suddenly when it’s on your plate, they love it-can’t get enough!

    jen at undomestic goddess


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