Unproductive Time

So…let me hear from my fellow peeps out there that feel like every second of every day has to be productive.  It’s as if  you freak out if there’s a 10 minute lull in your activity, thus putting that to do list further behind.  On my days at home, I seriously sometimes only have about 30 minutes of what I consider nonproductive time out of the entire day…and the only reason I consider it nonproductive is because I’m sitting watching a show while I’m eating lunch…if I happen to finish my lunch before the show is over, I’ll grab some laundry and start folding.  I often find if trainer Autumn gives me a 30 second break in between workout moves, I hastily use that 30 seconds to start cleaning whatever room I’m in.  Why? Because in this world we live in, we have ourselves convinced if we aren’t doing something at every given moment, we are falling more and more behind.

Now I don’t think everyone is like that. I have friends that will watch an entire season on Netflix in one day.  Imagining myself doing that makes me feel panicky!  On the other hand, sometimes I wish I could just let a day go, let the laundry and dishes go, not work on my business, forget about working out and motivating people.  Yet I am one of those people that find it nearly impossible to shut my mind off, not scrolling through all the goals and things I want to get done for the day.

Is this a good or a bad thing? I think it can be both.  For one, going for your dreams or running your own business takes a go getter attitude.  Those who are successful in their careers, sports…whatever…are those that use those extra minutes….that are always pushing to do more and be better.  I think my refusal to sit still has definitely had it’s benefits.

On the other hand, sometimes we forget to relax….forget to enjoy the current moment…and this takes practice for us humans with a phobia of unproductiveness.  While sitting at my daughter’s 3 hour practice last night, I was hustling through my list of priorities…quickly checking off one by one…and maybe adding 2 more everytime one got checked off.   Suddenly my IPad battery died.  AAAhhhhh!!!  I went to grab my phone….only to have that die a few minutes later.  I PANICKED. I still had 45 minutes left of her practice and anxiously looked around…not spotting an outlet anywhere!  It’s hard enough running a business, working, being a mom, keeping up on the house…I needed to use this 45 minutes!!!!

But they were dead.

I opened my devotional, read my daily blurb that pretty much told me to enjoy the moment, and sat back in my chair, quietly watching my daughter practice.

I have to admit, it felt pretty good.  It felt strange but good to let my brain rest (this brain that constantly feels like it could explode at any time).  It felt good to just watch my daughter without distractions.

My need to be productive and constantly on the go personality will never change…and I’m not sure I want it to.  However, I truly think practicing some unproductive time on a regular basis would be good for me…learning to just let go for a short period of time and have no expectations of getting something done.


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