Trust Your Gut

Trust your gut.  How often have you heard this saying?  Do you realize how much this saying can actually mean?

When you have a strong pull towards a certain feeling, where do you feel it?  In your gut.  When you have a bad feeling about someone or something you can’t explain, where do you feel it?  Again, your gut.  Ever dealt with anxiety or extreme sadness?  Often these feelings are again, in your gut, deep in your chest and stomach.  When you are worried about something, the stomach pains begin.  Why does all this happen in your gut and why do we so often try to ignore it?

Before I dive into the medical reasons you feel so much in your gut, let’s talk about those gut feelings…that instinctive or intuitive feeling you often get.  Are you one of those people very in tune with those feelings, or have you taught yourself to push them down and follow your more logical, brainy thoughts and decisions?

Here’s my thoughts.  I strongly believe those gut feelings, those intuitive feelings that often come true, are God talking to me.  I feel like allowing myself to feel and listen to those deep down tugs has made such a difference in my life.  With prayer and listening, those gut feelings have brought me on such amazing and different journeys that my brain probably would have stopped in their tracks…not being the “normal or expected” path.

My brain told me I wasn’t good enough to be a collegiate gymnast.  Those ended up being some of the best years of my life.  My brain told me 2 weeks after a 4 year relationship break up was too soon to date and fall in love.  My gut told me just go for it.  My brain told me a few months of dating wasn’t enough to get engaged.  One look into his eyes gave me that intuitive feeling.  12 years later, I have no doubt God knew exactly what He was doing when I went through that heartbreak and He brought Matt into my life at what I considered, “the wrong time”.  My brain told me there was no way I could own a house on the beach and begin a vacation rental business…it was way too risky and I definitely didn’t have the money.  The last 2 years of owning our vacation rental have been better than we could have ever expected.   My brain would have never lead me to any at home business, especially one that required vulnerability, social media, and my worst characteristic… COMMUNICATION!  But God has plans.  My online fitness business has been life changing.   Listen to your gut even when you think it is crazy.

Continue to follow my blog and YouTube as I dive more into the medical importance of the gut, and how it affects so many diseases, symptoms, and can even play a huge role in mindset and mental health.   But first I wanted to encourage you to follow your gut…trust your instinct.  It knows more than you think.  Sometimes that old brain of yours just likes to get in the way.  Oh, and by the way…did you know the permeability of your gut actually affects the chemicals/inflammation of your brain? I’m telling you, I’m not making this stuff up.

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