Trust The Process

I’ve heard this many times in my life.  As a gymnast.  Getting through Physical Therapy school.  Giving child birth.  In my business.

The process can be scary, uncomfortable..downright painful.  It can also be beautiful, but we often find ourselves second guessing the process.  The self doubt sneaks in.  Can I really do this? What if I fail? What if I’m not strong enough?  What if it’s not meant to be?

But guess what can happen if we lean into the process…if we step into the uncomfortable.  You might discover more than you even imagined.  You might actually reach your dreams.  You will probably succeed in your school, your career, your business.  The process is just that…a process.  It isn’t an overnight…bam…there’s your end result! It’s a slow, steady, time…something that may seem unreasonable or out of reach, but you keep working each day towards it…trusting where the process will bring you.

Guess what makes it even easier to trust the process.  Prayer…listening…asking and trusting God to hold your hand through the process.  I feel like He has big plans for those that listen and follow His lead.  However, I think many of us are to scared to fully let go and trust.  I know it sometimes scares me.

“In My presence you can find fullness of Joy, perfect Peace, and unfailing Love.  Walk with Me along the path of Life- enjoying My company with each step of the way.  Because I am always by your side, the Joy of My presence is yours for the taking!

I will keep you in perfect Peace as you fix your thoughts on Me. Stay in communication with Me through your spoken words,  thoughts, and songs.

Beloved, I want you to flourish in My Presence- like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God.  As the sunlight of My Presence nourishes you, you are able to produce abundant fruit in My kingdom.  And the more you trust in My unfailing Love, the more you will realize how utterly secure you are.” ~Sarah Young, Jesus Always


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