Why Choose Me?

I often wonder why when I prayed that night, crying in the bathtub…God threw some random fitness business at me.  I still don’t know for sure what His purpose is for me in this business, but I see and read signs whenever I question it.

I see such sad and scary things happening in the world.  I try hard not to watch the news because I don’t know that my positive, optimistic mind could handle all that…or even needs it.  I know people want to be informed, but to me life is way too short to focus on how horrible it is.  Instead, I feel like God is pushing me to be one of the lights…one of the positive voices…one that finds joy and shows as many people as possible how to find joy.

I think He is using this platform of a fitness business to allow me to reach more people and allow our team to be a positive change in as many people’s lives as possible.  When you see evil around…when you see people die too young (which I feel I am seeing more and more of)…when you see random catastrophe’s…it’s easy to get sucked into how defeated and sad the world is.

But guys…we only get to live in this world once…and it is such a small time compared to our eternity.  So my goal is to make the most of it.  Make my kids laugh.  Shine whatever light I have on as many people so they can see the beauty in life, themselves, and find joy in what God has blessed us with.

“You can find Joy even in this broken world, because I have set eternity in your heart.  Spend time refreshing yourself in My Presence, where you can relax and learn to delight yourself in Me above all else.  As the Love-bonds between us grow stronger, so does your desire to help others enjoy this amazing Life you have found in Me.  When your love for Me overflows into other people’s lives, there is abundant Joy both in heaven and on earth!  As you go along this path of Life, I will lead you- and I’ll bless you with pleasures forevermore.”  ~Sarah Young, Jesus Always

As I go through my life and my business that is only here because of God…my goal is to be a light.  When I’m looking for people to join me, I’m looking for others that want to be a light in this world.  Take the time to grow in your own faith and allow God to show you the joys…then spread it.


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