Just A Few Minutes

With 4 kids and a crazy busy schedule, it’s easy to forget to stop….take a breath….and just open your eyes to the beauty and blessings around you.

I just had one of those rare moments where nobody was yelling “MOM!”, I wasn’t cleaning, correcting, helping, watching closely…one of those moments where I had time to look around and just enjoy the pictures that surrounded me.

2 kids were in the pool, 2 kids were helping eachother with an outdoor puzzle, 1 kid was inside helping Dad cook.   I am one of those moms that doesn’t necessrily enjoy playing pretend and getting in the pool, but could spend hours watching my kids play.  I just can’t get enough of watching their minds as they play pretend and interact… watching them run around, laughing and enjoying each other.

For a few moments, time seemed to stand still.  For a few moments, I got to be on the outside looking in on my kids.  For a few moments I had the chance to look around and admire the pine trees that I always say I hate, but actually make a cool area in our yard…and I was able to take a minute to thank God for our dream home and yard…the perfect place for us to raise our tiny humans.  I was able to feel the full gratitude of this family he has blessed me with.

I love these moments.  These moments where time seems to stand still and I am able to appreciate all I have and the beauty around me.  I get to feel rejuvenated from the demands of life and feelings of not being able to keep up.

And as quick as I grabbed my iPad, snatched these pictures, and opened up to write this blog, the boy helping with dinner was by my side talking non-stop (I do love is robot voice), goggles were thrown at me to fix because the strap broke, and a 3 year old ran over crying because his ice melted in his lemonade.

But that’s okay.  All I needed were those few minutes to remind me how amazing this life is.


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