Isn’t it crazy the way God speaks to you if you listen? For a long time now, as I pray and do my devotional time, I have been feeling a strong sense the direction God wants me to go. However, that direction is scary…unpredictable…and takes a lot of faith that things will just work out the way they are meant to. I question those visions/feelings, wondering if it is just my mind telling me what it wants to hear and not actually God speaking to me. Isn’t it hard to know the difference?!
So yesterday morning, while I was sitting in Chicago, my daughter sleeping…I prayed again about the decision. I told God I didn’t know if what I was feeling was really something He was encouraging me to do.  I said, “I know I’m just supposed to have faith and just take the risk to do what you are telling me, but I feel like I need a bigger sign…I need a physical sign that this is what I’m supposed to do, because logically it doesn’t make sense at this point in my life.”
I know this isn’t the way it usually works…I know most likely my decision will not be made easy and obvious. However, on the way home from Chicago, it was just me and my daughter.  She had been reading and playing quietly in the back seat for the first 2 hours.  Then, out of the blue, she said..
“Mom. I made up a quote. Do you want to hear it?”
Of course I said yes.
“Trust me, trust God.  Things may seem impossible, but are POSSIBLE, if you believe in me and your heart.”
Ok.  That is a pretty “physical” answer to the questions I had silently asked God that morning.  Oh wait.  She didn’t stop there.  A few minute later, she continued…
“Mom.  Do you believe that sometimes God speaks to you through your heart?  Like you feel and hear him telling you something in your heart when you are being quiet?  Do you believe that is really him talking to you?”
Wow.  I tried not to tear up.  That is exactly what I was questioning God with that morning.  Are the things I feel like He is telling me really Him speaking to my heart?  The answer was obvious when my daughter asked it.  Of course you can hear Him speak to your heart and it is amazing and important to listen.  She then went on to tell me a time at school she felt/heard God say something to her heart.  She just needed reassurance it could really be God.
I have said over and over, God often speaks to me through my kids.  Now I need to just get the guts to listen.

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