Balance versus Success

“Are there only two options: find balance and be mediocre, or be successful and lose your time and relationships? But true success and balance are not opposites; they are the same.” ~Lara Casey

This is a hard one for me. It is easy to think you have to sacrifice soooo much to find success in something. I think of all the time I studied in school and the 6 years I put in to be a Physical Therapist. I think of all the time I put into practice and the social life I gave up to be a competitive gymnast from the age of 6 through college.  Too reach those big dreams and goals, I had to sacrifice a lot.  That dream took most of my time, my energy, and was where my mind was focused a majority of the time.

Then I think of this business. I have to admit, I’m not going to have a rock star business without treating it like a million dollar business. If I treat it as a hobby, doing 15 minutes a day here and there, I will get “hobby” results.

On the other hand, I could easily get carried away and be working on my phone every free minute while I’m also still working my job as a Physical Therapist and attempting to keep up with my kids’ schedules.  The excitement of it and the passion I feel for it can easily take my time and focus away from other important aspects of my life.

Here’s the thing that is hard to understand.  You don’t have to give up balance to find success.

Seriously? I’m pretty sure the top top coaches in my business, the CEO’s of huge companies, the Olympic gymnasts…I’m pretty sure they went all in with their time to hit that huge success.

But what is success?  What is your vision of success?  Is it just a rank?   A dollar amount?  A position?  I encourage you to go deeper.  For me, when I envision success with my business, I envision this: amazing relationships, the ability to travel and bring my family on those experiences, MORE time with my kids and family, less stress for my husband, a huge photo album of the lives changed, watching people I have mentored reach their own vision of success, me living a life where I’m working God’s plan.  Now that sounds like success to me.  And it also sounds like BALANCE.

When I think back to my Physical Therapy and gymanstics days…did I sacrifice relationships?  Actually, pushing forward in those focused areas of my life created huge lasting relationships with like minded people I probably wouldn’t have met outside of school and practice.  Did I have to give up myself to reach those dreams?  In reality both of those experiences added so much strength and growth to me as a person, both physically and mentally.  I was able to find success, but still feel balanced.  This doesn’t mean there weren’t times I was overwhelmed and maybe had too much on my plate.  But I figured out a way to make it through and feel balanced once again.  And though as a gymnast I had to sacrifice so much time compared to a normal high schooler…I think in the end it made me a more balanced person and taught me so much more than if I had not lived that life.

So how can we have both?  I won’t lie and say you can make a full time income from home by just putting in 1 hour a week.  You can’t have big dreams and goals and not sacrifice anything….then expect them to happen.  However, one of my upline coaches always says, “Work smarter, not harder.”  I’m learning now to set aside time to really do focused work instead of opening my phone and doing it all day throughout the day. I’m writing down a list of what I need to accomplish each week, and when I do have focused time (whether it be now when I’m up an hour earlier than my kids, or sitting at gymnastics or baseball practice, or while I’m hiding in the bath for 30 minutes at the end of the day, lol)…I can focus on one of those tasks until it is checked off and move onto the next.

I’m also realizing the balance I’m gaining in this business that I gained in those other focused aspects of my life and how I’m starting to see the success I envisioned: the relationships I’m building, the opportunities to travel, the steps closer and closer to more time home with my kids.

Plus, the thing I love about this business is you have to work on YOU. This is such a big part about feeling balanced in the chaos of our lives. This business needs you to workout, live a healthier lifestyle, be a little vulnerable, and work on personal growth. That will only add to your balance and mindset.  And yes, I do have to sacrifice some time away from my kids to focus on my business or travel at times, but if this allows me more time with them in the near future, it is a temporary sacrifice…in addition to the chance I have to set an example of working for your dreams, not being afraid to take a leap and go for something amazing, and the importance of taking care of your own strength and mindset.

So let’s work on having the best of both. Balance and Success.

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