This Is Not Normal

As I get ready to travel home, after almost 2 weeks of missing my family and being away on Beachbody adventures, there is so much to reflect on.

This is not a normal business.  I felt such a calling from God to be a part of this team, and I can feel His presence on this journey all the time.

There are some great businesses and leaders out there.  Yet how many Vice Presidents take time out of their day to meet with a small group of woman…how many VP’s tear up, choking slightly on their words, because they have such a love and passion for the people in this business and the way we are changing lives.

How amazing someone from corporate was willing to come to us, to our house, and talk with us for an hour while we sat around in workout clothes, even willing to taste our gluten free cake.

You cannot get away from one of our leader retreats with a dry eye.  There will be tears.  Why?  Because we go deep.

Because this business isn’t all about the financial benefits.  It’s so much more.  Because people’s lives are saved.  We get to watch mindset’s change.  I’m in a business where I get to hear words like, “I’ve lost 120 pounds”, or “This is the first time I’ve ever loved myself”, or “I couldn’t get through the things I’ve had to go through in life without this team.”

I knew we had an amazing team.  I knew we were all about authenticity, vulnerability, and personal growth.  I know our team has always been so much more than sales; we all see a bigger purpose to what we do.

But how refreshing to see the same thing from our corporate leaders…to know we are working for people that are not all about numbers, but about truly helping people.  All the people I met in corporate have soooo much passion for what we do, taking time to make a full video of our team, hang all our pictures on the corporate wall, making us feel appreciated and loved.  Even more, while speaking to us and training us, the focus is on creating “moments” in people’s lives.  We get to create little moments all the time,  whether someone loses their first 5 pounds, or realizes for the first time that they are strong enough, or moments where a mom can finally afford her daughter’s dance lessons.  There are so many “moments” created in this business and that is what it is all about.

This is not a normal business.  As we are all getting ready to head our separate ways to states all over the country, I hear everyone hugging and saying over and over, “I love you.”  That’s not normal for a business.  But I like it.

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