Is This Real Life?

I’m sitting on a warm balcony at 6:30am, plush slippers on my feet with the gentle sound of palm trees dancing in the wind..and I can’t help think, “Is this real life?”

None of it really makes sense.

I joined a business almost 2 years ago that is so far out of my comfort and personality.  A business that takes you through your fears, turns you into a leader, develops confidence.  I was (and still am sometimes) a person that has trouble with small talk when I meet someone out and about…I was a complete introvert, even having trouble communicating with my husband…I had no desire to be a leader.  I always worried about what people thought.  Despite this being the last thing I ever imagined myself doing, God pushed me into this business and is making changes in me whole also allowing me to help make changes in others.

And here I am, in another country, a paid trip with my sister, spa trips, food everywhere, workouts with super trainers, fancy parties….it just seems unreal.  I would have promised in a million years I wouldn’t be one of those at home “sales” people.  And honestly I still don’t feel like I am, because this business is different.  We just get to work on ourselves, share our story, and really want to change lives.  I look around at the 3,000 people here, and I tell my sister it is amazing how positive, happy, and fulfilled all these coaches are.

“Mis, look at all these people.  Look at how this business has changed all these people’s lives.  Each person here has a story and it amazes me that a simple business like this can have a positive impact on so many people”.

They are all happy.  They are all positive.  They are all passionate.  It is amazing to see.  There are coaches here college age, there are coaches here in their 60’s.  It doesn’t matter.  They have all been changed so much from this business, and I love just sitting at the pool listening to all the different life stories.

So this week as I’m enjoying this tropical paradise, I can’t help but think I want everyone to feel this.  Not the warm weather, but the sense of purpose, the excitement for what you are doing.  If you aren’t there, pray for God to open your eyes, to lead you along the path.  It might not be something you expect…it might mean taking a scary leap into the unknown.  I wasn’t unhappy before, I was very blessed and content with my life…but this business has brought a whole new perspective, growth, and aspect to my’s brought exciting dreams and’s brought a bigger purpose.

And later this week, when I am in Salt Lake City to be with some of the top leaders on our team, visit corporate, and grow even more…I know I will still need someone to pinch me.

Like seriously…is this real life?!


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