I’m on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale, to connect with my sister and fly on to Punta Cana. I have my anxiety under control and am watching in awe out the window at this creation of God’s…at the giant mountains and the rivers cutting through, breaking up the green vastness. It’s a sunny day with very few, teeny, little puffs of clouds here and there.

And then I notice.

Under these random, tiny puffs of clouds is a shadow. It’s a small area, maybe a couple miles wide, darkened from the sun while the rest of the state and land is happily and brightly lit. It’s amazing that these tiny, wisps of clouds can completely block the sun from an area.

It makes me think of negativity. One negative thing in your life can block so much happiness in an instant. One negative person or situation can suck in all your energy and focus, making it hard to realize that just a mile or two away, the sun is shining all around you, the world is beautiful, and the blessings are plenty.

Why is it we let one negative thought, person, or situation make us forget how many blessings and great things there are in and around our lives?

Don’t let that little poof take away your joy and focus on the beauty of life. Step out from under the negativity. Push the thoughts aside. Focus on the situations you can control in a positive way.

Don’t let the cloud seem bigger than it is. The sun is just around the corner.


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