It’s Okay To Countdown the Hours Until Bedtime

There are times in our lives where we just feel like we are getting through, one day at a time…one minute at a time.  With young children, getting through every day, or even every hour, can sometimes seem like an unsurpassable feat.   The 10,000 “Mom!”‘s you get a day, the pileup of laundry, the coordination of schedules, childcare, homework…it often seems impossible.

Yet, I knew perfectly well that these are the days I’m going to look back on and wish lasted longer.  So it makes me frustrated when I can’t enjoy every moment and every day because of the feeling I’m just surviving minute to minute.  I see my sister, also with 4 kids (even younger than mine), with the same struggles, searching for childcare, managing appointments, breaking up fights, dealing with falls off 5 foot playgrounds.

Here’s the thing.  We have to remember that there are going to be times in our lives where it is okay to just enjoy the small moments;  times where life is just too crazy to smile constantly and be the #1 mom.  That’s normal.  We have to know it’s okay not to be happy all the time.  It’s okay to feel overwhelmed 80% of the day.  I know how crazy and stressed my sister’s life is, then I see her post the sweetest picture of her children and new puppy…and that one moment makes the whole day worth it.

As I’m sitting here typing, my feverish 3 year old who kicked me and kept me up all night, is now sitting on my lap just crying…clinging to me as if we didn’t just snuggle for the last 8 hours.   Yet one little “I love you too Mom” is all I need to forget the sleepless night and leach-like characteristics he possesses.

I’m not going to feel guilty that many days, I am counting down the hours until bedtime.  As much as my days at home can sometimes be stressful, exhausting, and difficult to just breath, I know when I go up to kiss my kids good night after they are asleep, with one glimpse of their peacefully dreaming faces, my heart will be full and the stresses will temporarily melt away until the next morning…or at least for a couple hours before the first kid wakes up with a night terror.  There are times in our lives where it’s just those little glimpses…those random little moments reminding us of our blessings, that make it all worth the chaos and help us get through.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t enjoy every moment.  Amidst the stress, you are forming memories that will last a lifetime and by just surviving the chaos of each parenting day, you are succeeding at one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  Be proud of yourself and soak in those little glimpses and moments whenever you can.



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