Just Some Thoughts

How do I even start.  I found out about the loss of someone today and it hit me by surprise.  Losses are something I have come to realize are a natural part of the setting I now work in.  I went from working in private practice/orthopedics to rehabbing people into their 90’s.  Though it is sad, I’m always grateful I got to be a part of their last chapter here on Earth.  I have heard so many life stories from these men and women in, and just getting to see the significance in each of their lives…hearing of the hardships they overcame, hearing stories of loved ones and memories…each story is unique and special.

Today it hit me harder because it was someone I thought was too young, that I knew too well for too long, and had so much zest for life.  This got me thinking about all the different types of people I have come across in the last 4 years at my job.

I have seen such extremes of sadness and happiness it often baffles me.  I see people who get pulled down over and over with health issues, surgeries, infections…where life just doesn’t seem to give them a break…yet they keep pushing forward. They keep making the most out of life.  They keep smiling and living the best each day that they can.

I also see the opposite.  Elderly individuals so angry at life, so hateful towards others, and so unexplainably negative about life that I wonder what in the world happened to them in their life to make them so miserable.  I feel sad for them.  I see how much energy they put towards being miserable and it is hard for me to understand why.  Yet I have not been in their shoes.

All I know is this life on Earth is way too short to not find some sort of joy.  It goes by way too quick to not make the most of our time here.  We will all get knocked down, some more than others.  We will all suffer.  We will all hit obstacles.  Yet those obstacles and struggles are part of our story.  They are part of what make us who we are and make us stronger.  The people I see that realize that are the one’s that experience true joy no matter what happens in their lives.   I’ve seen people knocked down way more than the average person…overcoming things that would put most into a deep depression…and still find a way to share a smile, laugh, and pass on positivity.  It’s just a decision they must have made.

My challenge to you is to smile when it seems hard.  Go out of your way to make someone’s day good.  Don’t feed into the negativity.  Don’t spread the negativity!  Sometimes you have to make your own light when your world seems dark, but by doing that, you will also be shining a light for others who may need to see it even more.


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