When You Find the Like-Minded

I have feelings recently that are hard to put into words.  Feelings of fulfillment.  A pressure of fullness in my heart and chest…the little butterflies when you are just so amazed…excitement tingling in my fingers.

I’ve had these feelings since I first started focusing more on my faith, pushing for that little devotional and quiet time daily.  I hear God pushing me into new ventures, scary ventures, and it is hard to be open about that because it is not the “norm”.  The things He keeps pushing me towards are not things I pictured myself doing and probably not the safe ways to go.  Yet I feel like not enough of us take the time to listen and have faith, to take a chance in making a bigger difference in the world, whatever that is.

God placed Beachbody in my life.  I was not looking for it.  I feel it in the deepest parts of me that this is something He wants me to do.  I can’t exactly answer why.  As a human, I would love to know what the end goal is, where this is going to get me..but that isn’t what it is about.  It’s about just praying for guidance each day that I am on the right path and doing what He means for me to do.  Maybe it is to reach thousands of people with my voice.  Maybe He just wants me to have the financial stability to focus on my family.  Maybe there are just a few people out their I am meant to inspire.   However big or small the reason is, I have taken the leap of faith and am all in, despite that being extremely difficult for some people to believe or understand.  And trust me, it is scary putting yourself out there on social media, wondering what people think..wondering why in the world anyone would want to read your blog…wondering how little old me could ever inspire people to change their lives.

Then there are the like-minded people I meet.  Oh my goodness, the exhilarating feeling I get when someone speaks to me of the exact same push from God in this business and in life…understanding the bigger purpose.  The love I feel on team calls when people share their story..their amazing stories of struggle, and faith, and finding this team…the way this business has literally saved so many people I know.  When you find a tribe of like-minded people, you become unstoppable.  We all have fears, we all have struggles, but we also have a bigger purpose and bigger dreams.  Life is too short to let the fears and struggles hold you back from going all out.  Live life to the fullest.  Listen for God’s whispers…because I promise you he rarely yells.  Hear that tiny voice and vision in your head when you are sitting in silence and don’t dismiss it.  It could be something amazing.


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