What’s Next?

Last night I had such a nice and relaxing cooking class date with my husband, followed by a stay in a beautiful hotel…enjoying each other’s company with a couple drinks, sleeping in a King size bed without miniature human feet kicking us every hour.  Then I wake up at 6:45 am this morning thinking, “What do I need to do today?”.

I wake up every morning immediately listing all the things I need to do today, trying to figure out what is most important. I constantly am wondering what I need to focus on, my business, my book, my blog, just keeping up with the kids and house?  I then go to bed every night pretty much listing all the things in my head that I wanted to get done but didn’t.

Brene Brown says we live in a world of “never enough”.

So before I got started on my work early in the morning, when I should be sleeping in and relaxing, I took some time to read my devotional:

“The more often you turn your thoughts to Me, the more you will enjoy My perfect peace.  This is a challenging goal, but it is also a glorious gift.  I, the Shepherd of your soul, am always accessible to you.

You can train your mind to turn from other things and focus on Me.  When you experience something beautiful, thank Me for it.  When a loved one brings you joy, remember that I am the Source of this pleasure. Post reminders of My Presence in your home or car or office.  It’s also wise to memorize Scripture since it is ultimately about Me.

Turning your thoughts to Me demonstrates your trust in Me.  Even undesired things such as pain and problems can be reminders to communicate with Me.  Focusing on My Presence protects you from getting stuck on problems- going over and over them in your mind without making any progress.

Be creative in finding new ways to turn your thoughts towards Me.  Thus you can enjoy the wondrous gift of My Peace.” ~Sarah Young, Jesus Calling.

It’s so easy to get caught up in my worries of what is next in my day, what is next in my life, what should I be focusing on, where is it going to take me, what am I meant to be and do in this life, how is my life going to be significant, and how in the world can I find the time to get there?  When I am doing one task I tend to be thinking ahead to the next 3 tasks I need to get to.

I think my optimistic visions of the future and my drive and energy to get things done has helped me be successful in life so far, but I also think God keeps trying to remind me to take a deep breath and stop worrying about the future and where I am going all the time.   I usually ask Him to show Me the path ahead of Me so I know what He wants me to focus on and what He has meant for in my life.  But maybe instead I just need to ask Him to take each step with me…to just be with me in this day, in this moment.  I don’t think we are necessarily meant to know where we end up in life…what the end goal is…what our future has in store.  I think we are probably supposed to just follow in His footsteps each day and trust…knowing He is leading us on a path of significance.

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