Fears, Doubts, and Regrets

Today my coaching team is challenging each other to voice our fears, to shed light on our doubts.  I posted a half-hearted fear.  Then while in my bath tonight I read this:

“Do not let fear keep you from experiencing the Joy of My Presence.  Do not give in to joyless living by letting worries about the present or future weigh you down.  Instead, remember that neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate you from My Love.

Talk with Me about your fears, expressing your thoughts and feelings freely.  Relax in My Presence and entrust all your concerns to Me.  Then ask Me to bless you with My Joy, which no one can take from you.” ~Sarah Young, Jesus Calling.

So I got real with myself and God.  I have a lot of fears. I hold onto a BIG fear of regret.  I am one of those people that does not want to miss out on anything.  I do not want to quit anything.  I might regret it.  I want to go on every trip/vacation offered, which means this year I unknowingly booked 3 trips back to back in the spring, and now feel guilty for having to be away from the family so much.  I don’t want to miss a single practice or game of my kids, and it kills me that I can’t be at every one of their functions.

I’m a mom, a Physical Therapist at multiple places, a gymnastics coach, a Beachbody coach, a partner in my family’s vacation rental business…I feel like I need to give them each my all, yet am so busy juggling everything, I am actually subpar in each area.

I feel a push to align my energies and focus in a certain direction, but then fear I am “making up” these signs from above…that if I face my fears and go all in, I will fall flat on my face, adding unnecessary stresses and struggles to my family.  I want to go for my dreams in life, yet wonder if I should play it safe.  I want to do everything, not regret missing anything, yet wonder if by doing it all, am I actually missing out on it all?

I have a fear of not “living” every moment…not enjoying every moment…yet often I go so nonstop that I couldn’t tell you what I did that day or what I have to do tomorrow.

I have a lot of fears.  Tonight I laid them all out in prayer.  I prayed for continued guidance in what direction He wants me to go with this life.  I also realized just because He wants me to lead my life a certain way doesn’t mean that will be the easy way.  It may mean facing my fears.  It may mean getting uncomfortable.  It may mean taking a risk.  So I prayed for the courage to do these things.

What are some of your fears?  What are some of your doubts? Are you bringing them into the light? Write them down, pray about them, share them.  I don’t think we can face our fears and overcome them if we don’t acknowledge them.

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