What Number Are You?

According to John Maxwell, one of my favorite authors at this time, there are three types of people.

1. People who don’t know what they would like to do.  He calls these people confused.  They don’t necessarily know what direction they want to go in life, lack a strong sense of purpose, and just kind of drift through life.

2.  People who know what they would like to do but don’t do it.  These are the frustrated people.  They know where they want to be in life, but aren’t doing what they need to do to get there.  This may be because of fears of their responsibilities, money, time.  There is a gap between what they are doing and where they want to go, and they just don’t know how to close the gap.

3.  People who know what they would like to do and do it.  These are the people that have a strong passion and sense of purpose in life, and they take the steps to move towards their vision.  They work on growth constantly.  They are fulfilled.

I didn’t realize I was number 1 until I became number 3.  I did what I thought I wanted and was supposed to do.  I finished college, I had a family, and I worked the job I was supposed to work, which really was something I was interested in.  But was I passionate?  Was I constantly wanting to grow and reach for bigger goals in my job? Absolutely not! I wanted to go to work, help the people I could, and get done.  That’s what we are supposed to do in life, right? Work to make money, and hopefully somewhat enjoy what we do.

Then I was opened up to the world of being a number 3.  I’ve always been a dreamer..but just that..a dreamer.  I didn’t necessarily take steps to reach that vision I pictured my future in.  I just assumed it was fun to dream.

Let me tell you something.  Find something that gives you passion and takes you towards your vision.  Find something that makes you cry!!  I am the most emotionless person I know…until I became a number 3.  I’ve never felt so much pressure in my chest before (hopefully not a sign I need to visit the cardiologist).  It’s way too hard to explain until you feel it.  It’s an understanding that you are growing, you are following something that fulfills you so much, it is hard to stop thinking about it.  It is something that is taking you steps and steps closer to the life you envisioned..the future you just thought was a “fun” dream.

Now, I don’t think everyone needs this.  I honestly disagree partially with John Maxwell, and I hate to say that because I think he is an absolute genius.  I think there is a 4th group of people.  I know people personally that don’t really dream! This is so hard to imagine for all of us dreamers!  But I know people that don’t look towards their future and don’t get overly excited about “what could be”.  They are perfectly happy and content in their day to day life.  They don’t feel the desire to constantly grow, progress, and reach for the stars.  And I love this about them.  They just want to live their day to day life and enjoy it.

I’m a little bit jealous of these people.  I’ve often questioned whether I should be one of these people and just be thankful and love my day to day..my place in life..my career.  However, I’ve accepted the fact that if you are a dreamer, you can’t turn off that part of you.  The second I get in a car, I start dreaming.  Might be of my next vacation. Might be of even how much better of a mom I can be or how I can make my marriage stronger.  Might be of what I want to be able to provide my family with in the future.  But there is always a dream in my head.

So here’s my philosophy.  If you are a 3 or my manufactured “4”, you are making the most of life and taking advantage of the time you have here.  If you are a 1 or a 2, I encourage you to dig deep.  I encourage you not to go through life being “confused” or “frustrated”.  Life is way too short to do that! You need to take advantage of EVERY SINGLE DAY!”   Will you enjoy every single day? Absolutely not! But you need to try, you need to grow, you need to have faith over fear and not leave this life with regrets or wondering what could have been.

If you are a 1 or a 2, don’t worry.  It’s not too late. It’s never too late.  Tomorrow I will go through some steps I am learning to become a 3.


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