The Financial Conflict

I have a conflict going on in my head on a regular basis since starting my business ventures.  The income.  I started my business for the accountability, but was quickly shown it was a push from God…a platform he continues to encourage me to use and move forward with.  So when this because a form of financial income, and I realized the potential growth that can come of this, I had mixed feelings.  I have set financial goals to be able to leave my job and work from get to the point where my husband doesn’t have to work 16 hour shifts…to be able to not questions if my kids can order scholastic books from school this quarter…to be able to go on the vacations with my family without hesitation.

But life isn’t about money.  Money doesn’t make people happy.  So as amazing as the financial growth has been so far and the continued growth I am getting, I struggle with being confident I am in this for the right reasons.

Yes, I want to be financially free.  However, I know how blessed we already are and am very happy.  I am blessed to have a great job, and to have a husband who works so hard and goes above and beyond supporting our family.  It’s always been hard for me to explain, but when I picture not worrying about money, I picture all the amazing things I could do for others.  How amazing would it feel to give more to the church and charities.   How amazing would it be to be able to spend more time with my kids.  How great to be able to provide vacations for families that can’t afford it…allowing them to make some amazing memories like I have been blessed to make my entire life.   I want big things for my team because I have a passion for helping others reach their goals and I see the huge potential each one of them has.

We get paid weekly in my Beachbody business.  Last month I earned my biggest weekly paycheck to date.  My weekly paycheck was about twice the amount as my monthly income  was the first few months I was a coach.  I was excited, but at the same time felt guilty.  Guilty that I have financial goals.  There is so much you can do without money, so is it wrong to have financial goals?

As I struggled with this, I listened to a training.  The words I heard spoke to me and better explained how I feel about financial success.

“Great leaders and organizations see money as a tool to fuel whatever it is they are building.  Money is not the end goal.”

Yes.  The goal is not the money! This is exactly how I feel!  Money is definitely one of the tools to continue to build on your true end goal…to be able to reach more people…to be able to make a bigger difference.  It is one of many tools.  You don’t NEED money to make a difference and be happy.  However, I feel like great leaders view the money as a way to make even more of a difference…a tool to fuel their “WHY”.

My goal with this business was never about the money and it never will be.  But I do have a goal to use the money to further whatever plans God has for me.  So as those weekly paychecks continue to grow, I will view it as more time with my kids…more I can give…and the encouragement to keep growing a business where I get to change people’s lives.




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