Growth Takes Work

After a hustled morning of making 5 breakfasts (make that 7, because two kids ate twice), packing 3 lunches (oh wait…4 if you count the hubby’s), picking out 4 outfits, reminding the kids 20 times to brush teeth, feed the dogs, get shoes and coats on….I got the kids to school, dinner on the crockpot, and then made the decision to sit down and read.

“Open your mind and heart- your entire being- to receive My Love in full measure. So many of My children limp through their lives starved for Love because they haven’t learned the art of receiving.  This is essentially an act of faith: believing that I love you with boundless, everlasting Love. The art of receiving is also a discipline: TRAINING your mind to trust Me, coming close to Me with confidence.” ~Jesus Calling

The word “training” stood out to me.  I have been so busy, getting in my personal development time has been difficult.  So today, instead of putting it off, I started my day with it…ignoring the checklist of 20 tasks that sat in front of me.  I read my favorite devotional, did a 5 minute prayer and quiet listening, then opened up my current book, The Happiness Project, and read a chapter.

I can’t tell you how important it is to PRACTICE internal growth…to actually take time every day to WORK on your mindset.  We are expected as professionals to complete continuing education and constantly learn and adapt.  As parents, we are constantly questioning, changing, studying how we raise our kids.   For health and fitness, it is something that needs our work and attention over and over.

Unfortunately, we often forget to take time for our personal and internal growth.  And honestly, I believe that is more important than any other learning and growth we will do.  Yes, you may be a positive person.  Yes, you may say you are a person of faith; but you need to realize that these things require practice, refocus, and attention in our crazy busy lives.

You don’t get to say you believe in God and that’s it.  You don’t become successful, or happy, or rich, and then just relax and expect all that to linger around.

The average CEO reads 4-5 books a month…A MONTH!!!  Why? They realize the importance of always working on their internal growth, always working to become a better person.  As busy as a CEO probably is, if they are fitting in that many books a month (it sometimes takes me a year to get through that many books), it’s a good sign of the importance.

So I challenge you to make a commitment.   Start with 10 minutes a day.  Read your devotional, pick a “self growth” book (I promise they aren’t stupid and you will be happy you did), pick a book in an area you want to improve in your life, listen to an inspirational podcast or youtube video.

I promise if you do this it will be an amazing experience.  It can change your life. Something so simple…just ten minutes a day…can change your mindset, your happiness, your relationship with God…even the path of your life.


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